Obama Admits His Treasonous Coup


There are important aspects to Hussein Obama’s “Can’t Stop Globalization” statement on Friday that might go unnoticed to those still expecting a “pro-American” position from this America-hating subversive actively working to destroy our country. He tells us it’s too late to save our country, that globalization is inevitable, irreversible and beyond our control. His Friday statement with Mexican President Nieto included the following:

“Globalization is a fact because of technology, because of an integrated global supply chain, because of changes in transportation, and we’re not going to be able to build a wall around that.”

He said, “What we can do is to shape how that process of global integration proceeds so that it increases opportunities for ordinary people, so it’s creating better jobs, so we are strengthening protections for workers, so we are addressing some of the environmental challenges that come with rapid growth.”

The integrated global supply chain that Obama makes the ignorant and irrelevant claim that we can’t build a wall around is symbolized as it relates to Mexico by NAFTA. Trump has already stated NAFTA will be restructured. Obama and Clinton’s policies of putting the other nations of the world first and the hell with America is unmitigated treason. It is their betrayals and those of their predecessors that got us into this mess in the first place.

Treachery at the highest levels, under Bill Clinton, the Bushes and Hussein Obama are what has led to the economic upheaval and deindustrialization of the United States. Obama’s arguments for maintaining his anti-American policies lack merit for those seeking what is best for our nation. What is best for America has never been an Obama priority.

He completely revealed his disdain for our nation and his opposition to America First policies. He’s exposing himself as a Fascist structuring a Marxist globalist kleptocracy, robbing the wealth of America and redistributing it as he pleases around the globe. (Minus the dictator’s cut and the Clinton Foundation’s percentage)

He attempts to force us to accept his coup as complete and irreversible, stating that we must go with the flow that he has already started. He declares that our only option is to make the best of his anti-Americanism by attempting to shape the end result. We are, according to Obama, unable to challenge his undermining of our national sovereignty and attacks on our Constitution.

His use of the wordsprocess of globalization” are an admission of the usurpation of American sovereignty by his global government. It is the empowerment by dictate of George H. W. Bush’s New World Order; the culmination of a seventy year plan to reduce the United States to a subject of the global elites under the Trojan horse of the United Nations.

Rarely if ever over the last eight years has an Obama utterance included the word “America” in the context of what is best for us or national pride. Instead we are lectured regarding our obligation to the world, an obligation which is greatly overstated and needs to be put back into perspective. We don’t owe the world anything.

Obama says that we need to do what increases opportunities for “ordinary people” rather than the historic language of “everyday or average Americans.” His “America Last” philosophy is also exposed in his statement where he speaks of “creating better jobs,” and “strengthening protections for workers.” He does not say that those jobs are in America or that those workers are American citizens. In all likelihood they are not. He’s a global citizen; a global dictator.

He also threw in a comment about his green cash cow and power acquisition mechanism, the environment. He wouldn’t want us to get the “mistaken” idea that the Earth has healed itself. There’s lots of pillaging to get to, as soon as he’s disposed of the challenge to his future enabler, crooked Hillary Clinton.

Obama closed that portion of the statement with the use of the same classic communist and Marxist terminology he used in his reelection campaign. He said the U.S. needs to “look forward” as he plays his role of Grim Reaper. We are told to find ways to shape the new death march rather than turn around and walk back to prosperity, sovereignty and freedom. He declared that we must submit to his mandated subjugation in the global economy instead of “looking backward” and trying to “undo what’s taken place.”

Things were much better before this communist took us down the road to hell. Whether he likes it or not, under Donald Trump we are going to reclaim our nation and undo every bit of destruction he and his comrades have inflicted upon us. Then we’ll deal with him, and the rest of the criminals responsible in the manner prescribed for traitors in the US Constitution.

Obama’s confessing to his crimes as he makes his arguments; we just have to listen – and keep records.

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