NY SLASHERS Claim 13th Victim!

Slashers claim 13th victim

NY SLASHERS Claim 13th Victim!

In the few days since my article on the slashing spree that is sweeping New York City, another person has already been attacked.

This latest victim makes number 13. Sunday morning a 27 year old man was assaulted. The incident took place at the Central Park North station at 110th Street and Lenox Avenue.

Slashers claim 13th victim

Slashers claim 13th victim

Apparently, while waiting for the No. 2 train, the victim was arguing with a woman. When the woman asked a stranger on the platform for assistance, the stranger slashed the victim in the face and fled the scene.

Up until now, police had not categorized slashings as a distinct crime. This makes it difficult to determine if the slashers have been busier lately or if we’re just hearing about it more.

I am led to believe the former. With the instant access to information that we now have, it is unlikely that the frequency of these recent attacks is just “business as usual.”

Police Commissioner William J. Bratton, clearly not wanting to start a panic, seemed to take the events in stride. “We always will have crime in the city,” he stated. (This is not the 1st time he has made a comment along that line.)

Robert K. Boyce, his chief of detectives, however, responded somewhat differently. He described the slashing spree as “as a little unusual for us.”

At a Metropolitan Transportation Authority board meeting the board’s vice chairman, Fernando Ferrer, assured attendees that the MTA was working with law enforcement to respond to the assaults.

While a few of the slashers have attacked on the city’s streets, most of the incidents have occurred in the subway system.

Joseph Fox, the chief of the New York Police Department’s Transit Bureau, does not want residents to think it is unsafe to travel. He noted that nearly six million people travel underground, and fewer than seven crimes, on an average day, are reported.

Thanks Mr. Fox, we’ll be sure to tell all 13 victims of the slashers you said that.

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source: CBS