NWO Bush Establishment Ted Cruz Lynches Trump Campaign Mngr Without A Trial


Holier than thou hypocrite Ted Cruz calls the charging of Corey Lewandowski “a very sad development,” one which he then immediately proceeds to attempt to exploit to the maximum in an effort to discredit his opponent. “This is the consequence of the culture of the Trump campaign,” he says, “the abusive culture, when you have a campaign that is built on personal insults, on attacks and now physical violence.”

It doesn’t seem that “super-religious” Ted is as firmly attached to the old presumption of innocence thing as one might expect. He would have loved he Inquisitions. He also didn’t bother to review the tapes of the non-incident or most likely he just doesn’t care and will accuse Lewandowski of violence where there was none, just as the ambulance-chasing Michelle Fields has done. He’s interested in scoring political points, so just as he joined with Moveon.org in blaming Trump for the violence that they themselves created at Trump rallies, he’s joining with Fields in blaming his campaign manager. Blame the victim isn’t just for Marxist Democrats since Ted arrived on the scene.

“That has no place in a political campaign,” Cruz pontificated. “It has no place in our democracy [republic] and I think it is a really unfortunate development, but I do think it helps clarify for the voters what the Trump campaign is all about and my focus is not going to be on the personal, is not going to be on the personal insults, it’s not on the attacks, my focus is on a positive, optimistic, conservative agenda…blah blah blah. He shifts into another of his characteristic middle sentence pause, then run on without a period, sentence combinations that goes on seemingly forever. It’s a Cruz trademark that is his signature method of delivering a squirm-inducing Obama-style lecture you can’t seem to escape.

Lyin’ Ted probably is thinking just the opposite of what he claims; he likely considers it to be a really fortunate development, because it has given him a chance to shift the attention away from his own accusations of his womanizing to this poor, innocent guy who was just trying to keep an overly aggressive reporter away from his candidate.

All of the sleaze balls in the Cruz campaign are signing from the same demonic hymnal, trying to portray this as Trump attacking a woman or setting the tone in which attacks are okay. It’s defense Ted, from curs such as yourself, and it is very much okay, in fact, it’s a necessity. He’s undoubtedly going to be forced to deliver up more of it in the face of the Bush operatives now openly putting their machinery behind their long-time employee and pretend outsider, Ted Cruz.

All sides, the morphed establishment Bush-Cruz monster, the leftist Democrats and the media are attacking Trump and the voice of the American people simultaneously, waging a war of false vilification in order to ensure that their power structure remains intact.

We Americans have had enough. Donald Trump did nothing, it was he who was assaulted and he, who represents us, won’t be stopped. He’s going to take the power away from the Bush/Cruz machine and their Soros/Obama/Clinton counterparts. He’s going to give it back to us where it rightfully belongs. Your sleazy, self-righteous attacks against the no longer silent majority will backfire.

Take it to the bank, just not to Goldman Sachs.