Not So Peaceful Protesters Re-Defined By BLM, Soros, MSM – Paul Joseph Watson


Paul Joseph Watson starts his video off with a characterization of the falsehoods being reported by the mainstream media about the rioting in Charlotte. He says, “Harmonious Black Lives Matter activists staged a peaceful protest in Charlotte last night, but were brutally tear gassed by racist cops.

He then goes on to show how their demonstrations are anything but peaceful and their reporting is anything but honest. He depicts the rioting thugs blindsiding engaging in a variety of acts which are not a legitimate form of protest. They include blindsiding a reporter and knocking him to the ground, killing each other, stealing, trying to set journalists on fire, throwing rocks off of bridges onto cars below, beating up people in parking garages because they are white, smashing out black people’s apartment windows, smashing up buses, looting the Charlotte Hornets’ team store to steal basketball merchandise, attempting to hijack cars and terrifying their occupants are all not legitimate forms of protest.

Watson asks, “But how did MSNBC report on all of this? By calling the rioters peaceful.” He plays quotes of the liberal media hacks describing the events such as, “The people that are out here protesting, they’re hugging and their like, they’re being very peaceful, even going so far as to say, “We’ve also seen some sweet scenes of protesters hugging one another and praying.”

Mr. Watson says, “And that’s why 94% of Americans don’t trust the mainstream media.” He goes on to explain that the violence in Charlotte is not a protest. “It’s a violent, unjustified riot by criminals, gang members and thugs. Why is the media giving it legitimacy by still referring to it as a protest?”

He asks, “If mobs of white supremacists were looting stores, setting fires, attacking journalists and shooting guns would the media call it a protest?

He goes on to point out that a criminal black was shot by a black police officer and that the initial narrative of him carrying a book is demonstrably false. He also divulges some of the motivations and the money supply for the unrest that is intended to motivate black voters to go to the polls in support of Hillary Clinton.

Once again the Democrats are manipulating black people to keep them on the plantation and they don’t even realize it. They’re too busy hating the white people and police who had nothing to do with what sparked their riots. They are puppets who revel in the destruction and don’t really care why they’re doing it or on behalf of whom.

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