NO ONE CARES: So What If No Blacks Were Nominated For Oscars?


In the wake of the outrage and announced boycotts of the Academy Awards this week because of a lack of black nominees, it is important that we consider one thing: NO ONE CARES!

oscarIt’s not that no one cares about black actors. It’s that no one cares about the Oscars. Except for the next-day photos of who wore (or didn’t wear in some cases) what, nothing about the Academy Awards sparks the public interest.

There’s a good reason for people’s waning attention to who the nominees, or for that matter even the winners, are.

The Academy has turned into a giant political agenda-pushing machine.

It may as well be called The A-GAY-demy Awards right now. Any film that has a positive homosexual theme is guaranteed an Oscar nod. The same goes for any actor playing a gay or transsexual role.

Statistically, there should be a greater chance of a black or non-white actor getting a nomination than an actor who portrays a gay character, but the Academy is too busy rewarding those who support their current ideological baby.

If non-white actors want to get upset, it should be over that. They should be screaming that the nominating committee is playing favorites with the homosexual agenda.

Let’s face it, though, this is not the first time the Academy has overlooked deserving films and performances to cram an idea down the public’s throat. Just look at 2008.

Hollywood was still pouting because a large number of people took exception to the content of “The Golden Compass” and boycotted it. The Academy defended the film by not only nominating it for “Best Visual Effects” but giving it the Oscar over the movie “Transformers.” Everyone knew the win was political.

Most movie-goers probably couldn’t tell you who won the Oscar for “Best Actor” last year or which film got “Best Picture.” People simply no longer give a care what the Academy thinks.

The public is going to see the films that interest them. Period. Whether the Academy agrees or not will not affect box office numbers.

The all-knowing, left-leaning members of The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences have rendered themselves irrelevant. They have become like silent films. The contribution they once made is recognized, but they are no longer what drives Hollywood.

© 2016 Vianna Vaughan