Nigel Farage, UK Brexit Champion Has Advice For Trump Facing Media Buzzsaw

Nigel Farage

Nigel Farage, UK Brexit Champion Has Advice For Trump Facing Media Buzzsaw

Nigel Farage, the man who championed the successful Brexit bid of the UK to free themselves of the globalist bonds of the EU, gives his perspective and advice on the mess that Donald Trump now finds himself in heading into the Sunday debate.

He says of the debate, “It’s going to be pretty ugly tomorrow” and laments how “the big policy stuff, the extent to which big businesses and big banks have been taking us in a direction which is bad for ordinary people” will be bumped down the agenda as the discussion shifts more towards personality.

Farage labels the Trump video comments as alpha-male boasting, “It’s the kind of thing, if we’re being honest, that men do. They sit around and have a drink and they talk like this.” He notes that quite a lot of women similarly say things among themselves that they would not want to see on Fox News or on the front page of newspapers.


Cavuto asks about the Republicans who are beating a drum to remove Trump from the ticket, saying this is what happens in politics, people look after their own interests. Unfortunately, something he doesn’t point out, is that’s the same thing those in Congress do after they’re elected as well.  What’s best for the people is rarely the focus.

Farage notes that while it’s not good for Trump right now, there are a whole host of stories coming out about both of the crooked Clintons. He says if he were Donald Trump going into the debate, he would apologize for his boorish comments and then make every effort to redirect the conversation back to what matters, “America’s place in the world, security, people’s incomes, manufacturing industry.”

Farage says, “I think Trump needs to get this, if he possibly can tomorrow, back onto the issues. And when he talks about the issues, there are millions of people out there in America, who haven’t voted for years, who are talking to each other, saying, ‘hey, this guy is saying what we’re saying.'”

They agree that there is an honesty about Trump, that you know what you’re getting. With Clinton everything is a deception, a lie, and a crooked deal that benefits her and her fellow criminals. Farage adds, “You know what, he’s not running to be Pope, he’s running to be president of the USA. Every human being is flawed. If his flaws are all out there and if the public has suspicions that they haven’t heard all of Hillary’s, in a week’s time this may not look as bad as it does this morning.”

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