Newt’s Provocative Thoughts On The Insular Elite, Trump, The Clintons And So Much More

Newt’s impressed even if he disagrees.  Let’s face it, Donald Trump may well have made his candidacy this week between the Mexico trip and his immigration speech.  It touched a chord among the American people that cannot be denied.  Why this is so, though, is downright confusing to the politicos and elite among us.  Plain and simply, the “elite” have separated themselves from the rest of us – and that includes the media pool in Washington. They live in enclaves, go to school together, marry amongst themselves, attend each others’ cocktail parties….

This kind of class separation has happened in almost every society before some sort of revolt.  Think Paris in 1789, and St. Petersburg before the Bolsheviks.  Of course, in those cases, the nation’s ruling people – royalty – were insulated by the scheming upper middle class, but the same sort of siloing occurred.  Voluntarily, for the most part, but it did happen.

We are seeing that very sort of siloing going on yet again.  This time, though, it is not royalty, or their immediate advisors cutting themselves off from the salt of the earth.  Not even just industrialist families marrying their children to each other as happened in the Gilded Age.  No, now it’s the entire Ivy League/political/ruling/media classes that have melded into one.  (When they start coming down with hemophilia, we know the inbreeding has gotten bad.)

In the midst of his comments regarding Donald Trump’s magnificent week, former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich commented on the reality that the political class is stumped about his success because, really, they just don’t know what the every day people think and feel because they aren’t made up of us anymore.  Here he is on Fox and Friends.

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Basically, Donald Trump has decided to run on being a stand up American man.  Honest, direct, strong, forthright, and fair.  That is definitely a change from the usual American politician.  He’s a breath of fresh air for the people who have been lied to and manipulated for decades.  And that’s what they don’t get.

And this writer totally agrees that the Clintons are grifters. There’s no other way to say it.

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