Newt Flays Paul Ryan: You’re Making A BIG Mistake

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Just to add another layer to the ridiculousness that has been the 2016 election and a whole host of characters acting badly, whining like two year olds, etc., Speaker of the House Paul Ryan – someone who should know better than to do this – has somewhat dug in his heels about accepting, let alone endorsing, Donald Trump as the presumptive Republican Party nominee for president.  He’s just not ready to man up and admit that the people aren’t enamored of the system he and the uniparty have put in place.

Ryan is going to need to change his tune and fast, according to one of his predecessors.  Former Speaker of the House, and a politician who did man up and resigned when it was obvious that the uniparty was using him as a sales pitch lighting rod, Newt Gingrich had some hard constructive criticism for Ryan when he talked to Sean Hannity on Thursday.  Thanks to Breitbart for the transcript:

“[I]n the case of Paul Ryan he made a big mistake today and he needs to understand this,” Gingrich said. “He is the Speaker of the House. He has an obligation to unify the party. He has an obligation to reach out. Obviously he and Donald Trump are going to have disagreements. Some of them will work out and some of them they won’t. That’s fine. Our constitution provides that speakers and presidents can fight, but I think he sends the wrong signal and a signal which I think endangers the House Republicans and endangers the Senate Republicans.”

“I much prefer what Mitch McConnell did, what John McCain did –they both said, ‘OK game’s over, we have a nominee. I’m for him,’” he continued. “And I think Paul Ryan has some obligation institutionally to be responsive to the fact that the people of the party he belongs to have chosen a nominee. And frankly in the long history of American politics, Donald Trump is not outrageously outside the norm. This kind of vitriol you get does not reflect accurately people who have been nominated for president over the last 200 years.”

The obligation to unify the party is really not a one man job, but what is interesting is that the old hands in Washington are at least willing to give lip service to supporting the party’s nominee even if the actual people voting in the primaries may well have been cross-overs and independents.  The people have pretty clearly spoken.  We out here on the fruited plain are not happy about being sold out.

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