Newt On The Alice In Wonderland Democratic Convention

Now that the Democrats’ “Everything is Honkey Dorey” convention is over, the post-mortem reviews have started.  Immediately following Hillary Clinton’s coronation as the first woman nominee from either major party for president, Sean Hannity sat down with former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich, to discuss the highs and lows of the prime time speeches…and the surreally unreal characteristic of it all.

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Newt makes some excellent points about the differences between the two campaigns.  Donald Trump brought to the forefront the reality that the people of main street – the middle class – are hurting.  Real wages have gone down in the last 20 years.  Well-paying jobs in an American manufacturing economy do not exist.  The southern border is indeed a vulnerability that the government is negligent in not addressing.  Veterans are treated horribly by the very part of the government set up to help them.  Constantly being at war is draining the treasury and the country of its young people.  Our allies do take us for granted.  And…the healthcare system would work better if it was left to its own devices.

All of that stands in stark contrast to the “Alice In Wonderland” convention where radical Islamic terrorism doesn’t exist; where the southern border is just fine for allowing human smuggling and drug running into the country; where the most important “right” women have is to kill their children in the womb; and where a career criminal as described by any number of entities following leaks of email chains got nominated to be president of the United States.

And that doesn’t include ObamaCare or the Tax Hike plan.

Three quarters of Americans are not satisfied with the way things are going, and yet Hillary Clinton is running for president with the message that she would bring more of the same.  Newt is right in that the people dependent on government money will be happy to hear that.  The rest of us, on the other hand, are boarding the Trump train and waiting for the next Bill Clinton fairy tale.  We could use a good laugh.

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