New Poll Shows Black Vote For Trump SURGES! This Is HUGE!


According to the latest poll done on the African-American voter, a huge twist improves Trumps chances for a victory.  The media stated that Trump only received 3 % of black votes and it turns out their wrong!  The liberal media has a plan to smash Trump with the black votes by making them believe he’s racist but their plan has apparently failed.  Black vote for Trump has increased and is surging.

It’s amazing, to see that the latest Rasmussen poll has Trump ahead 43% to 41% over Hillary among likely voters. The truth is buried in the demographic area.

Twenty percent of African-American voters in Florida support Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump according to a poll released Wednesday by Florida Atlantic University.

Gateway Pundit shows the increase by percent in Rasmussen Poll.


Black likely voters for Trump (Rasmussen Poll)

Oct 3 – 9%
Oct 6 – 12%
Oct 7 – 13%
Oct 10 – 14%
Oct 11 – 19%
Oct 12 – 19%
Oct 13 – 24%

In the past 10 days, Black Likely voters has surged upward 9% to 24%!  That is a 150% rise.

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