Benjamin Netanyahu Sends Donald Trump A Message – Watch

The days of sending a congratulatory telegram to a world leader just elected by his fellow citizens are over.  Nope.  Nowadays, other world leaders send such salutations via Instagram video.  Take Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for example.  He sent a short and sweet note to United States President Elect Donald Trump for all to see.

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Under the Obama Administration, the US-Israel relationship has suffered, as have all of our international ties save those with unwholesome regimes in the Middle East and some in the Far East.  A Donald Trump administration promises to change those relations for the better simply by him not being Barack Obama.

In order for some semblance of peace to come about in the Middle East, a strong American-Israeli relationship is required.  Netanyahu and Trump have a report from previous dealings that is most cooperative and should serve the two nations well in the future.  How exactly that plays out on the world stage is yet to be determined, but it will be helpful.

Most of all, though, Israel will not suffer second citizen status under a Donald Trump administration.  The nation will be held up as a friend, and one of the few democratically elected governments in the middle east.  In addition to Israel, better diplomatic relations will be seen with other allies, and re-establishment will most likely happen with nations and states where the Obama Administration severed them.

Now that the election is over, and the world is waking up to the reality that the American people have ideas about how the nation should be run that are counter to not just the previous regime, but the globalists who sought to destroy the United States as we know it, more and more strong leaders like Benjamin Netanyahu – and Russia’s Vladimir Putin – will come to understand that America has not really changed.  We just needed a change in netanyahuleadership.

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