Neck And Neck, Really? Cruz Never has Crowds Like This – Who’s Counting The Votes?


Let’s give the Republicans and Democrats an undeserved benefit of the doubt, particularly the Republicans because that’s the side of the uni-party that Donald Trump is running on. The two parties have been playing each of their sides against the American people in the furtherance of the globalist agenda for a long time, at least as far back as George H.W. Bush. It’s gotten a lot more obvious and they’ve gotten more brazen of late, which gives us cause for even more concern.

Donald Trump’s crowds have been huge since the campaign began and have never tapered off.  Cruz’s audiences, on the other hand, have been anemic, small groups of people bravely enduring uninspiring lectures of what “Donald” does and has done while they politely marvel at his never ending sentences and wonder if this guy ever shuts up.

What Cruz considers support are the establishment con men who spend huge amounts of money on ads calling Donald Trump every name in the book and manipulating voters with false and misleading information in order to pull out a victory be it by hook or by crook.

As the anointed one, Cruz has loyal support in his own cult of the 7 Mountains Strategy with his loyal followers who all but swear they saw him and Rafael walking together on water, trailed by a harem of former aides, pundits, married women and call girls. It’s their right to support Cruz or whomever, regardless of whether they’re a hypocrite who visits prostitutes or not. They just have to work a little harder to get themselves in a full lather.

The thing that is the most striking about the crowds of 10,000 to 20,000 and up to the 35,000 range is that Trump has consistently enjoyed that support throughout the campaign. Those folks don’t leave disappointed, they leave as voters. While the media has a policy of not showing the rooms the events are being held in, enough can be gleaned from observing the other indicators around the room such as seating, ceiling height, the size of the stage and the manner in which the candidate is speaking to determine if it’s a large group or not. Trump always makes it a point to acknowledge the crowd and its size. Cruz likely will as well as soon as and if an opportunity presents itself.

So if size of this crowd at the Trump speech in Pennsylvania are any indicator, which they should be, this race is nowhere near as close as the polling and some of the results have indicated. We’re all aware of the claims of fraud that have followed the Cruz campaign around since his dirty tricks against Dr. Ben Carson to start the race.

There is no reason to believe these claims are false and no reason to doubt that the establishment has been up to many different types of shenanigans, much of which is still undiscovered. They didn’t just start running fraudulent campaigns this season with the arrival of Ted Cruz, although he certainly has availed himself of their expertise. Any means that they can take advantage of they surely will in order to win and maintain power. It’s not about the people, the country, the process or our self-government. For the establishment its about their power and maintaining it. They’ll do whatever is necessary. The most perfect of crimes is one that nobody ever knows even took place.

Here’s the video of another huge Trump rally, this one in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It’s a place where they used to produce steel and coal, before the Democrats and globalists started their campaign of destruction against our nation.

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