National Enquirer Sources May Have Answer To What’s Wrong With Hillary

At this point, it’s a not so funny American joke: what, exactly is wrong with Hillary Clinton.  She’s coughing, confused, falling up stairs, has a person following her around with a syringe.  She seems to have seizures and blanks out in the middle of sentences.  Word through the various email leaks is that she sleeps over 14 hours a day.  She’s not answering media questions.  All of a sudden, Hillary’s signature pants suits took on a Mao look that really didn’t work for her.  I could pack for Europe in the bags under her eyes.  The writing is on the wall for anyone who chooses to see: Hillary Clinton is not well.

The question, though, that all Americans have, is what is wrong with her.  Whatever the truth is, it’s serious enough that her medical files are sealed and physicians who have seen them admit that they will probably remain so.

Not quite a year ago, the National Enquirer had sources giving an answer to the question.  They weren’t heeded much at the time as Hillary appeared plausibly healthy.  Since then, as the woman’s health has clearly degraded, speculation has run rampant.  Everything from being a sociopath drug addict to her being demonically possessed has been suggested.  In a recent slide show post, the National Enquirer – the publication known for dropping bombshells that turn out to be true – repeated the claim their sources make: Hillary Clinton has Multiple Sclerosis.

“Hillary’s past health problems are down to MS,” a political insider close to both Hillary and husband Bill Clinton told The ENQUIRER. “She’s been working with her staff to keep the medical drama under wraps, and she’s doing her best to deal with it.”

The NE puts the symptoms at “the early stages” of MS, but having been around a lot of MS patients in a former life, this writer will maintain that for the symptoms we are seeing to progress as they have been, Mrs. Clinton would have been diagnosed with the disease some time ago after it had been building for years.  MS lesions that cause the synapses to not meet don’t just pop up over night, and the disease does not follow any set pattern or time frame.  It effects every victim differently.  Public knowledge of Hillary’s blackouts and tripping incidents go back at least 11 years.  Individually, they point to nothing other than being a klutz and probably not eating enough.  But, as a whole – the tripping, the tiredness, the confusion, the mood swings – mild and disconnected as they are, those are all MS symptoms.  That, though, doesn’t seem to be the worst of it.  There were also a few strokes.

“Let’s face it,” said an insider, “Hillary has had a problem telling the truth her whole life. She’s always exaggerated how good or bad things are to suit whatever image she wants to project on any given day. When it comes to her strokes, there’s stony silence! She wants to make believe they never happened!”

A person close to this writer had a series of small strokes.  Depending on where they are in the brain they can be debilitating or no big deal.  However, they do generally sentence a person to high blood pressure medication for life.  Those meds do age the body.  And then there was this.

Other insiders on the campaign trail are whispering that Hillary’s bizarre new fashion choices are also really cover for her medical woes. “People are mocking her outfits that look like they come from a ‘Star Trek’ movie,” said one journalist following her campaign, “but there’s speculation that they also cover up that she uses adult diapers for incontinence.”

Which would be another MS symptom, if that were the case.  And it would explain why her image consultants are letting her run around in what amounts to winter coats during one amazingly hot summer.

The NE also reports that aide Huma Abedin sleeps in the same hotel room as Mrs. Clinton while they are on the road in case of medical emergency.  The peanut gallery will snigger given the rumor mill regarding the Hillary-Huma relationship, but if Hillary Clinton really is sick with a neurological disease, she needs someone with her.

This is all speculation from un-named sources – just like the idea of demonic possession and an additional discussion at the Conservative Treehouse today (for the record, I think sundance may be jumping the gun on the identity of the medical person who follows Hillary everywhere) – but the idea that Hillary Clinton has a progressive neurological disease that is exacerbated by stress is not that far fetched considering what we do know.

Love her or loathe her, Hillary Clinton is not well.  The question is whether or not the mainstream media will report on it and force the issue.  Hillary certainly isn’t going to let it get in her way.  That’s the one thing that we all can take to the bank.

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