Doritos is in deep do-do with the National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL).  After choosing a thirty second ad from Perth, Australia done by Peter Carstairs in a contest for the next memorable Superbowl Ad, the ad in question – dad is munching on Doritos while mom is having an ultrasound, and the baby is acting like a child on the computer screen – caused the abortion gurus to blow a gasket and take to Twitter to blast the snack maker.

naral doritos

What had the baby killers all uptight and behaving like the mom in the commercial to any tweeters who will listen?  Check it out.

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So, now recognizing that the baby as seen in an ultrasound is human is an “anti-choice” tactic?  Too bad, so sad for NARAL.  Those of us  women out here in the real world who are being told “no birth control, no booze” due to the possibility of fetal alcohol syndrome could have told them that.  Please, population control overlords make up your minds.  Either the consequences of copulation are human, or they are a sexually transmitted disease.  (You can’t have it both ways.)

And then there is the little matter of the stereo-typing…if there wasn’t at least a grain of truth in it, the stereotype wouldn’t exist.  End of sentence, which was the focus of the responses seen online.  What the creator of this ad did was make a lot of people laugh, and a lot of women wish Doritos really would speed up labor.

What NARAL’s temper tantrum did was draw attention to the fact that the baby on the ultrasound screen in the commercial is human.  If they hadn’t pointed it out, the concept would have passed by without too many people who aren’t strongly on either side of the abortion fence noticing.  Now, everyone knows.

(Don’t you love it when liberals and leftists go off the deep end, prove the other side right and screw themselves?)

Interestingly enough, the video of the ad itself hit YouTube four weeks prior to the SuperBowl.  It’s been out there for a while, and NARAL just noticed.  Oops.

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