Napolitano, Sununu Explain FBI Clinton Dirty Deal To “Purchase No Prosecution”

It’s some seedy activity, a common thing for Democrat politicians. Almost half a million dollars went to a campaign that didn’t even exist before sugar daddy Terry McAuliffe came up with the idea to use it as a means of funneling bribe money. The Virginia governor, a longtime Clinton ally, obviously coordinated with the Executive branch in providing a campaign fund for Dr. Jill McCabe as well as a promotion for her husband. In that position he had oversight of the investigation into the criminality of Hillary Clinton. Once Mr. McCabe was in his new elevated position following the payment of the cash, all he had to do was carry out his part of the deal, the sale of his position and influence in a manner that would make Hillary Clinton and Obama proud, and with it, his supposed integrity.

Judge Napolitano explains that, while there might not be anything technically illegal with what was done, it smells bad, even rank, of corruption and conflict of interest. He said, “Well, no, it is not against the law, I mean under Virginia law Governor McAuliffe can make contributions of that magnitude, from a variety of entities that he controlled to Dr. McCabe.” He notes that also under the law, “Andrew McCabe, as the number two person in the FBI, can supervise the investigation of Mrs. Clinton.”


Having dispensed with the technical, Napolitano say, “But there is the appearance of impropriety. There is the appearance that he was aware of the relationship of Terry McAuliffe to the Clintons and that makes it look like his decisions would be colored by his wishes to please the people that are behind the person who gave this money to his wife.” The good judge goes out of his way to tiptoe around the obvious.

Asked what McCabe should have done, Napolitano says, “He should have excused himself from the case, because as a lawyer, he has the duty to avoid the ‘appearance of impropriety’ and the appearance of impropriety here is profound.” Napolitano notes that “we learned this had happened from a tip from several FBI agents who were part of the team that had investigated Mrs. Clinton, who believe that their work was destroyed by management in the FBI.” He adds, “We really have a situation here that looks terrible.”

Governor John Sununu describes what happened as another defining example of the culture of corruption that the Clintons have brought to the Democrat Party for the last quarter century. Since 1992 they’ve infused this culture of corruption and it is now reaching into the FBI, which used to be one of the most hallowed and respected institutions in the US government.

Sununu describes her denial of any impropriety absolute garbage and notes that while no law may have been technically broken, there is indisputable corruption. Bill Hemmer notes the campaign, which the wife lost, totaled approximately $1.8 million dollars. Sununu agrees that it is a lot of money for a state office seat and points out that almost half of it was funded by the Clintons. “And you don’t think they’re planning ahead in how to influence the process? This is corruption in the Democrat Party. This election has to be an election of change and throwing out this party that has, even the ‘president’ of the United States today was nurtured and promoted by the corrupt political system in Chicago.”

Sununu failed to make another point, one that ties in with the corruption of the occupier of the Oval Office, the promotion of McCabe was an Obama decision that required his authorization. Therefore his corruption is also on display once again as well.

Napolitano makes another point, that the Governor is also under investigation by the FBI and it is very likely that that investigation as well is tainted by the corruption of both Director Comey and Assistant Director McCabe.

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