Napolitano – Sen Grassley Has Seen What The FBI Is Hiding, It’s Earth-Shattering


Three men were invited to testify before the House Oversight and Government Reform committee today. One was Bryan Pagliano, the Clinton loyalist who had already received immunity from the DOJ on the matter. He defied Congress by no-showing and claiming through his attorney to be unwilling to participate in a wholly political motivated exercise.

Another Clinton facilitator, who is believed to have been the individual in charge of using Bleachbit to destroy the information on the server and make it unrecoverable took the Fifth Amendment.

The third individual, Justin Cooper, did attend and did testify, revealing some very damaging information. He is believed to be the individual to took a hammer to one or more of Hillary Clinton’s cell phones to prevent information from being extracted. He also was involved in setting up the initial Clinton system and her own email domain and accounts.

Cooper revealed that he had full access to Hillary Clinton’s illegal server and two residential computers, one in DC and one in New York. He also acknowledged that he has never had a security clearance.

On what Stuart Varney labeled an entirely different thread, he welcomes Judge Andrew Napolitano, who has information about the related efforts of Senator Charles Grassley. In his lead in Varney describes what Grassley has seen using the words he used, “Earth Shattering.”

Judge Napolitano says that Senator Grassley “has seen the FBI report and the FBI file, which contains classified and unclassified. The FBI comingled classified with unclassified and put it all in the Senate safe room. Whatever is in the Senate safe room can only be viewed without a mobile device, without written materials and by signing an oath that you won’t reveal what’s in there, even though much of what’s in there is revealable [sic], which is the non-classified.”

Napolitano points out that Grassley commented, “From the non-classified he has said, if he could reveal it, it would be earth shattering.” He adds, “He has demanded of the FBI that they separate the classified from the non-classified and as of this morning hasn’t gotten an answer from them yet.”

Obviously, this was an attempt by Comey’s now clearly politicized and corrupt FBI to shield all of the information from view, as the presence of the classified information prevents any of it from being made public.

Napolitano makes mention of the subpoena served during hearings upon the Assistant FBI Director the previous day by Chairman Jason Chaffetz which demand the complete file and all of the 302 summaries. Napolitano says, “Think about this. The FBI is telling Congress what it can read and what it can’t read and denying it the opportunity to read non-classified material.” Judge Napolitano points out, “According to Senator Grassley, and he’s the Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, it’s never happened before.”

He also believes that if Senator Grassley is successful in getting the information segregated by type, the earth shattering release could occur before election day.

Hussein Obama, Loretta Lynch and James Comey all know what is contained within those documents and that is the reason they are so determined to fight their release. They are engineering the cover up which would indicate, along with the depiction of the information being “earth shattering,” that the involvement is much broader than just one individual, a former Secretary of State. They and probably many others who were involved in whatever is being hidden are fighting for their lives, perhaps literally and for their freedom.

It’s not going to be easy or quick, and will likely hinge on favorable rulings from courts along the way. This is the work of the Obama regime/Soros elite mobsters who have hijacked our government. They are after more power not less. They are on the verge of stealing our nation from out from under our feet in the upcoming election. They will not go quietly.

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