THE NAKED TRUTH: Black Panther Leader Goes Off On Democrats

There is nothing like the truth.  The naked truth.  And there is nothing more bittersweetly heart warming than watching humans recognize that they have been lied to, used, prostituted after a fashion, taken for granted, and victims of a form of systemic racism.  No one can tell humans who are convinced otherwise for it to sink in.  They have to realize it for themselves.

At this time in American history, more and more Americans whose ancestry hails from Africa during a dark time in human history (not just American.  We’ll talk about the English and the Dutch origins of the slave trade later) are realizing that as a group, they have been used by the Democratic Party since the days of Lyndon Baines Johnson and his “Great Society” to not only keep the system in place that is repressing them, but as a hedge against loss of power.

One by one in this election year, those not blinded by the Black Lives Matter messaging, and who have made it out of the repressed system, Americans of a darker hue, shall we say, are coming out and calling out the Democratic Party for what has been done to them.  The latest example comes to us courtesy of Diamond and Silk.  The man speaking is Black Panther leader Quanell X, and Donald Trump’s direct appeal to the black community caught his attention.

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No, we may not like the vessel that speaks the truth, but it is the truth.  Not many people in America are better off after eight years of the Obama Regime and the policies that do not put anyone other than the people in power first.  Americans of African descent are steadily realizing that they were sold a bill of goods with the Great Society.  Now the rest of us owe it to them to support the community as they sort out how to shake it for good.

“The truth is beautiful, even when one is talking about a hemorrhoid”

That quote is attributed to the thoracic surgeon who performed the first successful lung removal in 1933.  His name was Evarts Ambrose Graham, and if ever there were truer words spoken about the truth, put them in the comments. 

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