Texas Stretch Of NAFTA Superhighway Hits A Speed Bump: Spanish Builder Goes Bankrupt

Against the backdrop of a 2016 presidential election where the main street people of the United States are making their displeasure with the establishment who have been busy chipping away at American sovereignty known, news comes via a long standing alternative media investigative site that the company contracted to build the Texas portion of the NAFTA Superhighway has filed for Chapter 11 in the United States.  From The New American:

…the Texas portion of the system was back in the news again last week. Many of the project’s opponents jumped for joy as the funding mechanism for the whole scheme cracked. The only completed segment of the Texas portion of the highway, constructed through a suspicious Public Private Partnership (3P), fell victim to a bankruptcy filing. The Spanish company Cintra, which had contracted with Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) to build the behemoth, buckled from a shortage of cash and filed for Chapter 11.

All kinds of American road construction companies, and Texas contracts with a SPANISH firm?  (Things that make you go hmm….)

The actual NAFTA Superhighway when completed (if that ever happens) is meant to connect the western coast of Mexico, snake through the United States, and up into Canada for transport of goods (probably more than that).  It is meant to be toll road running parallel to Interstate 35, among other highways already in existence.  At this point, the only segment of the NAFTA Superhighway to be built is in Texas near Austin and, as The New American indicates, has very little usage other than planes needing emergency landing space.  (With a no-toll interstate close by….)

In order to build even the small section of the superhighway that is complete, landowners lost their property by eminent domain, and the people of Texas have spent a lot of money all so that the builder of the road itself – a company based in Europe, not even on North America – could help satisfy a treaty that rips at the sovereignty of all nations in North America.

And despite the setbacks mentioned above, the vision of a transportation corridor system to facilitate an integration of Mexico, the United States, and Canada into a North American Union (NAU), which has been extensively reported in this publication, is still alive. Three more corridors are quietly progressing in Texas alone, and large corridor systems are under construction in the West.

The threat that the ideals and campaign promises from the Donald Trump presence in the 2016 presidential race to the North American Union cannot be understated.  His vow to build a wall – because walls really do work – would put the concept of making North America all one country at some point in jeopardy.  This writer figured that was the goal reading the larger points of NAFTA 22 years ago.  The NAFTA Superhighway is part of that treaty.  The plans are being disrupted.  It may not succeed, but at least publicizing the disaster that is the funding mechanism behind this project at least shines some light on the plans few of the little people realize are in the works.

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