MUST WATCH VIDEOS: Dirty Dancing At The Debate As Hillary Stands By Her Man

Now that the dust is settling after Donald Trump slam dunked Hillary Clinton at the townhall debate in St. Louis, we’re starting to see the creative side of the Deplorables.  It seems that the two were in a tango on the debate floor, and it was noticed.

The YouTube channel “zeal” looks to be out of the Netherlands, or as the people there call it, Holland, and the people there used the song, “Time of my Life” sung by Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes for the 1987 moving “Dirty Dancing,” which, at its core, is a movie all about growing up with the consequences of sex, to show us the dance. (Applause is from the soundtrack.)

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As one commenter at The Last Refuge put it, “Nobody puts Donald in a corner.”  (It’s from the movie.)

Before the last twenty-four hours, it may not be appreciated in the world of political globalists that the little people, the deplorables that Hillary Clinton has been known to call functional illiterates, are ready to move on from their brand of political horse hockey.  We see what the people who have clawed their way to the top are up to, and we don’t like it.  Donald Trump, for all his faults, speaks our language, and even if he cannot get all of his agenda accomplished, at least it’s out there.

The Clinton Campaign can expect more of this sort of spoof and ridicule in the future.  Far from being the slobbish, cretin couch potatoes who are easily led, We the People who are not bamboozled by the fifth column of the forth estate are actually a pretty creative lot. With all the tools available now for production, the repressed American style artistry is going to take off.  Bill and Hillary Clinton are such a rich environment for Voodoo Doll pins.

[rubbing hands with glee]

Win or election stolen, this is getting good.  Here’s a bonus.

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