MUST WATCH: The REAL Truth On Illegal Immigration. It’s FAR Worse Than We Thought

We in the United States know that we have a definite problem with “illegal immigration.”  It is not simply that the people crossing the boarders with no record of their presence in the country are now being called “undocumented workers,” it’s that we have zero idea just exactly how many of such people are living here.  Not only that, we have no idea how many children these people have produced since coming to America.

The number we hear most often is 11 million illegals, and that the government catches one in two or three of the people crossing.  (The Border Patrol says one in seven, but why quibble about numbers?)  Well, the people at America Working extrapolated the numbers based on actual data of just how many illegals are caught trying to come into the United States, and basing the math on estimates came up with some truly shocking numbers.

This video is long, but worth a watch.  The problem of illegal immigration in the United States is far worse than reported, and it is not simply Mexicans and people from other Latin American countries crossing.

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Regardless of the realities of the U.S.’s allies and partners, and what plan is, or even if the conspiracy exists, these numbers are staggering if true.  One thing the production does not account for is mortality over the last 50 years or the number of people who may have returned to their countries of origin, so the total may be inflated, but even so, the shear percentage of American workers actually being illegal immigrants cannot be ignored.  Neither can the crimes perpetuated by these people, or the whole industries put in place to hide the fact that they are indeed illegal.  (The fake ID and identity theft situation alone is impacting Americans more than the public will ever know since it is not reported by news media.)

THIS is one of the reasons why the message of Donald Trump resonates among the masses.  Situations like the one at Disney are happening all over, and the people are very angry about it.  Illegal immigration is a problem on a number of fronts.  This video compiles them nicely…and should scare the daylights out of all peace and freedom loving Americans.

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