MUST WATCH: Life-Long Republican BURNS Party Registration After Colorado Fiasco

If there is any doubt that the fix is in, and that party politics in the United States is corrupt and dirty as anywhere else on earth, after Saturday, April 9, and the Republican Party caucuses in Missouri and Colorado, there should not be any.  Reports came in early from Gateway Pundit that a couple caucuses in St. Louis and St. Charles Counties the delegate stealing done by the Cruz camp was beyond blatant since Trump won the state.  There are conflicting first-hand versions of what actually happened in the room.  (Visit Gateway Pundit for the accounts.)  A fellow choir member from my parish was at the caucus for our municipality and said it all went smoothly…but still, didn’t we vote on this?  Why would we need caucuses?

In Colorado, it was even worse.  Reports coming from that state are that if someone was openly for Donald Trump, their names were removed from the delegate ballot.  This was one man’s reaction to being treated in such a way.  His name is Larry Wayne Lindsey.

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From a previous video, Mr. Lindsey had this to say:

“I’ve been a lifelong Republican all of my life. And this corrupt bunch of thieves is not even worth fighting for. I’ll find another party that believes more like I do. I’ve had it with them. But Jan Morgan you’re not going to get away with this. I’ll find somebody to listen to me. I’ll find someway to hold you accountable for this.”

Well, sir, many of us out here on the fruited plain are listening and share your frustration.  If Donald Trump’s running for president has done nothing else, it has exposed the corruption that has been hidden in the two party system for far too long.  Thank you, sir, for telling your story.

H/T – DC Whispers…and thank Heaven for the internet and free speech.

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