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Some days we children of the 80’s really miss Weird Al Yankovic.  His parodies of popular songs just always seemed to make the originals just look bad.  The words were clever, the videos were funny, and artists knew they had made it when Weird Al called wanting to use their songs.

So, imagine the fodder he could make with the current political climate, right?

Someone did imagine it – and this writer hates to say it – actually topped Weird Al using a classic Michael Jackson song from what is arguably the best pop album ever produced, “Thriller”.  In 1983, MJ released the single “Beat It.”  In 1984, Weird Al parodied it with “Eat It.”  Now, from YouTube channel Demand the Outdoors we have “Delete It” featuring an actual blonde wig, Hillary Clinton and her crew, and the action that’s gotten her into a whole lot of trouble in the last couple years.  Check this out.  (subtitles at the bottom)

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Was that fabulous or what?  Putting this next to DEPLORABLES is just so…satisfying.

This is what happens in the United States when We the People are sick and tired of the Washington, D.C., sorts talking down to us when we can plainly see that is happening.  So long as there are creative outlets and a first amendment, politicians better understand that videos like this – and graphics with DEPLORABLES plastered on them – are going to appear.  That’s just the sort of people we are.

Just a note to all of the people out there who might be tempted to create such content: remember, there is still a Clinton Body Count list regardless of what the mainstream media and leftist websites have to say.  BE CAREFUL!  Although, most of the people who ended up dead could have been or were destined to be material witnesses at trial.  What a mess.  

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