MSNBC: Wasserman-Schultz Screwed Herself [WATCH]


The left is starting to eat its own in the 2016 election.  Well, less eat its own than shouting recriminations as Hillary Clinton’s numbers are sinking in the polls against…BERNIE SANDERS?!  The closet socialist is losing to the avowed socialist.  Badly.  And the leftists are calling out the Democratic chairperson/woman, Miss Screwy Spiral Curls herself, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz for the bomb that has been her management of the 2016 Democratic campaign.  Check out Mika Brzezinski:

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Well, TAKE THAT Debbie Washerwoman Schultz!  You screwed yourself!

That’s it, let’s have fewer debates, not tell ANYONE they are happening, and put them at off times when the American people are doing things like watching football playoffs.

Ignoring Bernie Sanders since everyone knows that the electorate will NEVER support, let alone vote for an actual, publicly avowed socialist is going to work.

Now Bernie Sanders, who is at least honest about who and what he is even if he’s a carpetbagger representing a nearly socialist state in the northeast, is leading the Democratic all but the coronation Queen in as many polls as possible in the trust and likability departments among DEMOCRATS.  Forget the rest of the population that needs to be convinced Hillary is actually not going to just be Obama in a pantsuit for another term.  No, these are HER people.  And they are flocking to the crazy old socialist.

“Thank God you controlled that debate thing.”  Mika really took her sarcasm pills this morning.

However, she is correct.  One of the reasons that the Democrats had fewer debates was to keep Hillary close to the vest, either for likability purposes or to control any actual debating she would need to do.  (She doesn’t think well on her feet anymore for whatever reason.  There’s a lot of rumors.)  The attempt to keep Hillary elevated and out of the public eye at the same time backfired.

As Mika put it, Debbie screwed herself.  Those of us in the other camp would do well to resist enjoying that.

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