MSNBC: Latest MSM Cannibalism On Morning Joe


MSNBC as a network is not exactly known for its objectivity. In fact, the programming there is so ideologically in the tank for the political left, tirelessly working to get Democrats elected, that the only people watching the network are doing so for the echo chamber effect.


Every now and then, though, the cast of MSNBC’s Morning Joe – the early morning folks who appear with Joe Scarborough, and New World Order princess Mika Brzezinski – have a come to Jesus moment.  On Monday, October 31, after a weekend of pre-election bombshells that have the full American political contingent reaching for popcorn and chips, Mika expressed her disbelief in how the Democratic Party could be so hypocritical as to berate Republicans for nominating a non-traditional candidate when they nominated a woman under federal investigation for multiple felonies.  Not only that, Mika and Joe seem genuinely stunned at the turn of opinion and editorial slant from the pundit class. Watch:

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This is very much Mika’s “coulda been a contenda” moment.  The actors in the most famous scene in one of the most important films in the American treasury always said that the scene would not have worked without using disbelief.  When Mika talks about a “self-inflicted wound” she cannot believe Hillary Clinton was so stupid as to not only set up a private server, but that in the wake of the fallout from the bad publicity, and a re-opened investigation, the former Secretary of State is taking down a whole lot of people who stuck their necks out for her.

No network covered for Hillary like MSNBC.  Not CNN.  Not the alphabet soup nets.  And, of late, not even Fox distorted reporting to push the Democratic candidates like MSNBC.


Did this man have an attack of scruples?

Mika is absolutely right, when it comes to the mainstream media and how the Hillary Clinton email server story has been spun.  No one believes the meme that James Comey’s wife talked him into “doing the right thing,” although she may have had some influence.  Something in the background changed, and THAT is why the FBI is now looking at over 600,000 emails found on a computer that had nothing to do with the original investigation.  What that something is remains to be seen.

In the meantime, the folks at MSNBC are showing us that from time to time, the media will eat its own. It took a next pagecouple of high society grifters to get it to happen, but it has.



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