Morris – Federal Debate Commission Loaded With Libs


Debbie Wasserman Schultz rigged the Democrat primaries in order to get Hillary Clinton the nomination, now another group is doing their part against Donald Trump to on her crooked path to the White House. Former Clinton insider Dick Morris that the Presidential Debate Commission is taking an active role in doing what they can to tilt the process in favor of Hillary Clinton.

He says, “The Federal Debate Commission that is allegedly non-partisan but in fact loaded with liberals and Democrats, has scheduled the debates between Clinton and Trump for dates that conflict directly with NFL games, including one Monday Night Football game. Obviously what they’re trying to do is to get white males who might watch those debates off the debate and on to the NFL games, so as to decrease the potential of Trump gains from the debates.”

He continues, “We know that Hillary has a long history of playing games with the dates of debates. The DNC emails that were released that Wasserman Schultz have evidence that they deliberately scheduled debates on Sundays and Saturdays and Friday nights and conflicting with holidays and football games so as to decrease the audience and decrease the impact of the debate for Bernie Sanders. Whereas the Republican debates were all in prime time during weekdays. “

“Now,” says Morris, “The Federal Debate Commission, which polices the general election debates, has scheduled two debates directly against football games. Now this commission is scarcely bipartisan. It includes Mike McCurry, Bill Clinton’s press secretary as co-chairman; Paul Kirk, who took Kennedy’s seat in the Senate, as an honorary co-chairman; Jimmy Carter as an honorary co-chairman; and on its board sits Jim Lehrer who’s obviously liberal, Charlie Gibson who savaged Sarah Palin during 2004 interview and clearly is a liberal Democrat; Jane Harmon who is a liberal Democrat Congresswoman from California; Howard Buffett who is the son of Warren and has endorsed Hillary and Olympia Snowe, added for bipartisan coloration, who is the single most liberal Republican in the United States Senate from which she retired a few years ago.”

Morris warns, “The commission is obviously trying to play games with the debate schedule so as to minimize the number of white men who would watch the debate, thereby decreasing Trump’s effectiveness. This is just outrageous.”

But it isn’t only the white men Morris points to who watch the NFL. It cuts across racial and gender lines, particularly among black Americans. Clinton also wants to protect her indentured slavery constituency composed of black Americans voting Democrat because they’ve been brainwashed to do so. She doesn’t want them exposed to the truth either. And Donald Trump will be bringing heavy loads of the truth to those events. They might be even more bruising than the NFL for one crooked anti-American old hag in particular.

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