Is Monica Lewinsky Trying To Sabotage Hillary?

Monica Lewinsky

Is Monica Lewinsky Trying To Sabotage Hillary?

Monica Lewinsky may be keeping a low profile during this election season — but someone with the ability to resurrect what could possibly be the darkest hour of the Clinton’s time in the White House, has little chance of not showing up during suck a brutal race for the highest office in the land. Sure enough, as the DNC nears, Monica was seen out with Hollywood mogul Ron Meyer in LA.

Pictures were recently captured of Lewinsky and Meyer, vice chairman of NBCUniversal, meeting at a Brentwood restaurant recently. The pair shared an affectionate hug. As you can imagine it raises questions why these two would be meeting up for lunch.


Ron Meyer is a Hillary Clinton donor and supporter and well, we all know who Monica Lewinsky is! Could this be a pay off, or a movie deal being negotiated?

But sources close to Meyer told us, “They are longtime friends and decided to catch up when they were both in LA. There’s definitely no romance. Ron is married, and he certainly wouldn’t be going to one of the most public power-lunch spots with Monica if they were sneaking around.”

Meanwhile, Meyer has extended his contract with NBCUniversal for another five years. The contract extension is a vote of confidence by Comcast, which fully acquired the studio’s parent company, NBCUniversal, in 2013. Meyer’s new deal comes off the back of a record-breaking 2015 for the studio’s box-office earnings.


Let’s not forget Bill’s recent “meeting” with AG Loretta Lynch and how that worked in favor for Hillary Clinton. The outcome of this meeting is just a matter of time. It could go either way, most of us know that money is one thing that democrats love. Ron Meyer may see Monica as a ticket to a big payday, or he may just be the messenger for the Clinton’s, in another hush attempt.


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