MUST SEE! Mom of 12 Kids GOES OFF in Target Store Over Transgender Bathroom Use

MUST SEE! Mom of 12 Kids GOES OFF in Target Store Over Transgender Bathroom Use 2016-05-18 21-46-41


A mother of 12 children has a voice and she’s using it at a Target department store.  One of her children has her on camera as she screams out her opinion about Target being compliant with the new transgender bathroom signs.  She goes on about her kids having to share a restroom with a man, and that man may be a pervert.

The liberal left, led by Obama, have been forcing private businesses, and now even public schools, to allow people to use the restroom of the gender they “identify as.”

This transgender law is certainly a fine line between private freedom and government overreach. Family run businesses now have to allow men into the Ladies’s restroom in fear of being sued. Schools now have to allow male students into the women’s locker-room, no matter how uncomfortable it makes the female “non-transgender” students.

The LGBT mafia are getting bold in speaking out about their identity troubles ever since Obama came into office. It seems Obama cares more about fighting for their “rights” than he does the rights of 99.9% of the rest of us. I mean, the president lit up the White House with rainbow lights for Christ’s sake. When have you ever seen him light the White House red, white and blue?

There isn’t anything citizens can do about this in these liberal times.  It must be accepted and understood that whats goes on between a transgender person’s ears is more important than what is between their legs.  The video has gone viral and I’ll leave it up to the reader and what your thoughts are on this new ruling. It doesn’t matter any longer if you’re for or against it, Obama made it the rule of law now. American citizens haven’t any say on this, but this women did a great job to express her opinion loud and clear!