6 Beautiful Women of The Deadliest Website Ever… #6 Could Kill Me!

Model Mayham

6 Beautiful Women of The Deadliest Website Ever… #6 Could Kill Me!

A company that runs a modeling website was slapped with a lawsuit after a woman was drugged and raped by several men, according to court documents in California.

ModelMayhem.com is not new. It has hundreds of thousands of users, the company targets young females who may be trying to break into the modeling world, or that are struggling for money.

The website then promises to connect aspiring models with the people who can help rocket them to fame has previously been investigated for its role in the disappearance, rape and trafficking of more than a dozen women across the country.

The company uses manipulation to get young girls to take photos of themselves offering up to $500.00 for a nude photo. Then when the model to be is contacted she is trusting that it is a legitimate job offer. Planning to meet the client to discuss the job in further detail. Where she is drugged, raped, or even at times kidnapped and used for trafficking.

This model mayhem is basically the craigslist of modeling. Now after so much negativity has surrounded them, this woman who wishes to remain as Jane Doe, is suing the company.  She said she trusted them to provide her with true job offers and they failed to tell her the potential risks involved.

The woman told the court that the company was negligent since they failed to warn women that men were using the website to lure and rape aspiring models.

The woman was contacted and invited to an audition, but it was all a sham. When she arrived, the men drugged her, raped her and recorded acts.

The company claims that it cannot be held responsible for what people do after getting in contact with the models.

Here are just 5 of the beautiful women that are tied to this deadly website claiming to be a models dream come true:

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