MN Terrorist Attack – It’s What Happens When Obama Clinton Import Terrorists


Nobody wants to jump to conclusions at any time, particularly when there are multiple victims involved in a mass attack and the identity of the attacker is, as is usually the case, being withheld. They wouldn’t want a bunch of angry victim relatives to show up at the perpetrator’s mosque and start taking revenge.

Minnesotans who were just minding their own business were stabbed in  the St Cloud, MN, Crossroads Mall. The terrorist is dead, thanks once again to an armed citizen, this time an off-duty police officer.

The perpetrator made “references to Allah,” according to a press briefing, more evidence to the stack that Clinton, Obama, Johnson and Kerry are miserable agenda-driven liars every time they repeat their claims that there is no connection between terrorism and Islam. This was a terrorist act, he shouted Allahu Akbar or something similar. That is a connection.

All of the manure that Johnson is spreading about his Combating Violent Extremism (CVE) program in which he bribes the Islamists who shouldn’t be here in the first place not to attack and try to kill us just yet, is nothing more than enabling terrorists. That’s exactly their intention, the fundamental transformation of America includes the elimination of Christianity and those deplorable white folks.

Minnesota is the site of a large influx of Islamists from terrorist nations, particularly Somalia. They are Muslims, so it is likely that this devil who stabbed innocent people is a member of that invasion pool, brought to our doorsteps courtesy of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and her co-conspirators.

The police indicated the perpetrator had no significant criminal background, with only “mostly” “minor traffic violations.” What is the “not mostly” part, officers? They also indicated he was wearing a private security uniform, though no insight as to the reason for that was provided.

Perhaps they are mistaken and it was actually a TSA uniform. Homeland “Security” Secretary Jeh Johnson assures us the vetting is thorough, so we have nothing to worry about. The same rigorous review that their refugee terrorists are put through are also utilized in the process of importing Somali terrorists.

Regardless of the specifics, as they are released, it is yet another instance of an Islamic terrorist attack within the United States against innocent non-Muslims (the perpetrator reportedly asked if he wasn’t sure). Obama and his slimy associates will simply excuse it as part of the price of fundamental transformation and continue right along the invasion.

American lives mean nothing to these criminals, the ones holding the knives or the Democrats like Hillary Clinton, promising to import as many as she possibly can fit on to airplanes as fast as they can be processed. She’s got a caliphate to build for George Soros and her donors to the Clinton Foundation. As they say in Arkansas, “time’s a wastin.”

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