Military Told To Avoid BLM Targeted Cities

BREAKING NEWS – We have just learned the U.S. Army informed its troops last week that all military personnel in the United States are to avoid the thirty-seven American cities this week that have been targeted by the Black Lives Matter group. A source in the Pentagon told us that the order was issued over concerns that anti-police protests, dubbed “Days of Rage,” could turn violent. Should that happen, it is possible that Federal Troops could be brought in to restore order.

The July 8 notice from the U.S. Army North said there is a potential for violence or criminal activities in the aftermath of the shootings of five Dallas police officers. The initial military notice from the Army was at the time, based solely on an online rumor that has since been denied. That rumor was started by the anarchist hacker group Anonymous and had called for nationwide protests Friday in the U.S. cities.


The Internet site used by many to verify reports on the internet,, shortly thereafter, reported that the rumor calling for Days of Rage protests is false and is based on an identical false posting that circulated online and in emails in August 2014, related to the Ferguson, Missouri, protests against police. But, a military spokesman, Lt. Col. Jason Shropshire, said the safety of soldiers and their families is a high priority. “For security reasons, we don’t discuss force-protection measures that we put into place at our Army installations or the specifics of cautionary advice we provide to our soldiers,” he said.

Now that can translate into one of two things. Either the Army is playing it safe out of an abundance of concern for the safety of their troops. Or, the government knows more than it is admitting to and the brown nasty stuff could be about to hit the fan. Either way, you need to take every precaution to insure you and your family’s safety.

In addition, you should carry at least a 6-pack of water and some protein bars in your vehicle, something that you should do at all times anyway, in case you get caught up in a road blockage that takes several hours to clear. With the High temperatures that most of the country is experiencing currently it would be very easy to suffer heat stroke in such a situation. It would also be a good idea to fill your gas tank up before tomorrow so that your vehicle does not run out of fuel and you become stranded.

The Washington Times contributed to this story,

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