Mike Pence Put’s Clinton In Her Place, Her Own Deplorable Little Basket


Governor Mike Pence had a response to the derisive comments made by Hillary Clinton in which she attacked the character of those who support Donald Trump. While he’s not going to say it and it would be very unwise politically for him to do so, the good people who love their country are far and away supporting their ticket. Those who see America in a lesser light, as diminished and right fully so are in the Democrat camp. Pence told Breitbart:

These are the activists, these are people [crucial to success] and that’s why I said at the end I hope everyone leaves here with a burden on their heart to use every hour, every day to make sure that Donald Trump is elected as the 45th president of the United States.

There’s so many reasons, from Hillary Clinton’s cascade of corruption flowing out of the Clinton world around the Clinton Foundation from her years as Secretary of State, her failed foreign policy record that I described again today that literally has resulted in large parts of the Middle East spinning apart, policies at home that really represent a continuation of the failed economic policies of this administration, all of those things—all of those things—are reason enough.

But I do have to tell you that when I heard of what she said last night, at a fundraiser in New York City with Barbra Streisand, that in her words ‘you could put half of Trump supporters into what I call the basket of deplorables,’ I was simply taken aback.

Hillary Clinton believes that millions of everyday Americans who think we can Make America Great Again are in her words ‘deplorable’ and she described them as ‘irredeemable.’ I was speechless about that—I was speechless about it, really, in my speech.

My message to her is: Hillary, I got news for you. The millions of men and women, thousands of which I’ve seen since I joined this campaign, but the millions of men and women who are coming out and supporting my running mate are veterans, members of the Armed Services, law enforcement, farmers, factory workers, coal miners, business owners, pastors, everyday Americans for whom faith is important and who believe in the liberties enshrined in our Constitution.

I said today that my message to Hillary Clinton is ‘they’re not a basket of anything—they’re Americans, and they deserve her respect.’ Frankly, anyone who has that low an opinion of millions of Americans should never be elected president of the United States.

Clinton issued an “attack non-apology” in response to getting called on her insulting comments directed towards 25 percent of Americans. She once again made the false connections to white supremacy and called Trump and the rest of us by association a bigot, distorting the truth as she always does in the process. Trump pointed out the federal judge for his anti-American pro-Mexican activism, did not bully the nasty partisan Islamist Mr. Khan and has yet to see proof that the first half-black ‘president’ is an American citizen. That is a contention she made herself, as we all know, during one of her rare moments of honesty back in 2008. Obama and Clinton have chosen to attack from within a protective cocoon of distorted political correctness. It’s cracking open but there is no butterfly emerging. Who knew that dung beetles sheltered inside cocoons as well?

Her and Obama’s shtick is getting old; the American people recognize what they’re up to. Those of us who support Mr. Trump might want to point out that Hillary and Bill Clinton both occupy a basket of their own. When its contents are spread out in your garden, your tomatoes grow really big, red, and juicy and the asparagus is, appropriately, unbelievable.

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