Migrants In Germany: How They Abuse Their Champions


Photo from UK Telegraph

When the “plight” of so many asylum seekers coming from the Middle East and northern Africa hit the news in the fall of 2015, one idealistic woman in Hamburg, Germany applied for a job in a center processing the newcomers.  She wanted to help them come to Germany for a better life.

Once she met the asylum seekers, though, her disposition started to change.

‘Many of them are extremely demanding,’ she explained. ‘They come to me and ask to get an apartment and a fancy car and, best of all, even a really good job for them.

‘If try to explain to them that’s not possible, they are often noisy or even really aggressive.’

One Arab man even yelled at a colleague: ‘We decapitate you!’, she claimed.

But what she considered as ‘the worst’ of their behaviour was their treatment of women, saying many of the male refugees did not take her seriously.

Instead, they would simply dismiss what she would tell them and contact her male colleagues.

The woman is not identified (probably for her own protection), but she spoke to Welt am sonntag about her experience.  The UK Daily Mail picked up her story, and headlined it with the knowledge that the woman gets pelted with sexism for the men going to other men rather than a mere woman to seek the information they want to hear, not what the reality is.

This woman’s idealism in wanting to help people has been destroyed by the sheer greed and cultural rigidity of the people seeking to “make a better life” in Germany.  They aren’t exactly looking to “make” a better life.  They are looking to get one handed to them without any effort.  In the west, we call that the welfare state, and even in the socialist countries, for the most part the people at least expect to have to work and not live like royalty.

This information comes to us in the English speaking world following the multiple reports of hundreds of women being sexually assaulted on New Year’s Eve in Cologne and other German cities (and several others in Europe),  one Imam’s opinion that the women brought the attacks on themselves, and that there is a rape “game” played by the Arab men coming from northern Africa and the Middle East.

It is hard to see the idealism of good-hearted people die at the hands of such animals, but that reality cannot be helped.  We in the west no longer know or appreciate history.  In the case of the Arabs and the northern African migrants, it is very much repeating itself.

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