Michigan Voter Intimidation Takes On Racist Tone


Reports from all over the country are indicating voter fraud and intimidation, but one particularly egregious incident happened in East Lansing, Michigan.  Mother Jones provides this description from a voter at a synagogue:

I observed a man just outside the door to the polling place. He pulled two women wearing Hijabs out of line ahead of me. When I came level to him, he was examining their voter registration cards and appeared to be attempting to direct them to another polling place. He seemed polite but I did not like that he’d singled out those two women…When I finished voting, there were two polling officials that were asking him to leave. He was refusing. He then entered the polling place, presumably to attempt to obtain permission to remain.

According to the witness, the man doing the questioning of the women did not have any identification visible that he was an official with the elections commission, any campaign or any other authority.  A different witness came forward later claiming that the same man was questioning a black man asking what precinct he was registered in.


The Ingham County elections authority took action.

Fox reported the incident to Barb Byrum, the Ingham County Clerk, who told Mother Jones that she considered the incident “targeting individuals and harassing them and trying to convince them that they shouldn’t be voting.” She said the East Lansing city clerk reported the incident to the police. “It doesn’t pass the smell test…so it needed to be addressed by law enforcement,” Byrum said.

Fox’s brother Alan, a member of the Ingham County Board of Canvassers, said the local Democratic Party sent poll watchers to the synagogue following the report. According to Ron Fox, his brother said that “presumably this was to ensure the person in question, or others did not return.” Both Alan Fox and Byrum said they had received no other reports of voter intimidation in the city or county so far on Tuesday.

Voter intimidation is a serious offence no matter which way it happens, and to do so based on race just affirms the next pagestereotypes that the left pushes on whites.

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