Michael Savage Prefers Less Dictatorial, Less Manly Women


Michael Savage echoes the thoughts that many of us have regarding the policies that are currently in place and destroying this nation. They are the policies of the Obama leftists intent on the destruction of our nation continuing in power through the placement of their next tool, Hillary Clinton. Given the opportunity, the United States will soon be just another third world hellhole under their global control grid.

Savage shares the aversion many of us have to her grating voice and he admits that he doesn’t like women that are not feminine. He doesn’t like hard women who are like men without “pants.” He asks, “In what sense is she the first woman president? (If the unthinkable were to happen) What does that matter; why would that matter? Where is that issue?” Obviously Savage doesn’t have the same issues with sexism as his “liberated” leftist counterparts.

Savage asks, “What do you fear most about a Hillary presidency?” One caller fears her absolute lust for power, and the destruction of her enemy, white males in the process.  Savage says, “I don’t know why you fear Trump so much. Let’s see, he wants to close the borders when we’re being overrun and we don’t need these immigrants. What do we need them for? Can anyone explain to me why we need these immigrants who are uneducated, don’t speak the language, many of whom are diseased, many of whom have criminal backgrounds in their own countries?”

“Explain to me why,” Savage says, “why we need them. Oh the Democrats want them because they’re born Democrat voters. They’re not workers. They’re not coming in to work, most of them, be very clear. I’ll be very clear about this, they’re not like your grandfather or grandmother, they’re not coming here to work. They’re not coming here to be Americans. They’re not coming here to learn English. They’re not coming here to learn the Star Spangled Banner. Why do we need them?”

He continues, “Trump says he’ll build a wall and close the borders. She says she’ll open the borders even further, until you are a minority in your own country. Think about it before you vote.”

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