Michael Savage – Obama And Beyonce Leading America To End Of Our Civilization

Michael Savage is usually pretty spot on in his assessment of the state of affairs in America, but he makes one small but still significant misstatement in his rant about the connection between Beyonce and Hussein Obama. He refers to Obama as our president, which is incorrect. Obama does not have the necessary qualifications for that office, which he has only been able to obtain and retain through deception.

Beyond that point, Savage bemoans the trashy, sleaziness of not just the occupants of the building which is the traditional home of our leader, but how the dignity of and respect for the structure itself has been seriously compromised by the filth we’ve allowed to defile it.


Savage notes the contortions of those who have been invited into the White House, imitates sexual acts and are foul mouthed embraces of the most brutal and disrespectful treatment of women. It’s okay, though, as long as Donald Trump didn’t say it, Democrats have no objections.

Savage says, “Jay-Z and Beyon-ce have visited the so-called White House several times. Beyon-ce, who is beyond reason, who is extolled as a role model to young girls, including I’m sure the Obama daughters, sings songs like this: ‘When he ‘f’ me good I take his “a” to Red Lobster, cause I slay. If he hit it right I might take him on a flight, in my chopper.'”

“Isn’t that classy,” notes Savage. “Isn’t it great to see Western civilization knocked off its pedestal and replaced by this filth? So Obama has no opened up the door and ushered in the absolute destruction of Western civilization. As he said there are no more standards because stars and stripes forever is dead.”

“Down the road that Obama is ushering us,” says Doctor Savage, “There is no more red white and blue that is bringing us together. It is all black against white and you have to take sides. And for Hillary Clinton, she’ll take us down that same road. It’s a road that leads to the death of Western civilization.”

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