Michael Savage – Left Talking Heads Are Scared


Michael Savage names off a few of what he describes as “creatures smaller than marsupials.” Although some marsupials, such as kangaroos, are large animals not found in a jungle, that’s really not the point of his comments. He’s speaks of Anderson Cooper and Wolf “Blinky” Blitzer, crying out from their positions underneath the leaf droppings of the jungle floor.

Dr Savage points out that those talking heads, “Instead of focusing today on all of the damage around the world done by the Obamas, instead they’re focusing on a speech, given by the newest first lady to appear on the stage. As fresh as Jackie O in her first appearance, and they’re frightened because she has trumped all of them. Melania Trump has trumped all of them all at once.”

He continues, “And you know she’s so appealing, that she’s liable to garner a good percentage of Hillary’s woman vote, simply because she’s so appealing. Now regarding Melania’s speech, yes there’s some overlap, but that’s, of course, not the issue.”

Savage pins it, saying, “The issue is that she is so appealing that the Hillary Clinton camp went insane fearing that Melania has in fact captured the attention of the women of America, who don’t like Hillary very much. “

He points out what many are afraid to say, “Hillary’s not attractive. Hillary’s unattractive; this is a country that lives on movie stars. Melania’s a movie star, Hillary looks like a maid. She looks like Stalin’s Housekeeper gussied up, that’s number one.”

“And number too, of course, the reason the creatures underneath the leaf droppings on the jungle floor called the media are doing this is to obscure all the problems that Hillary has created.” Savage asks, “Have you forgotten the email scandal, have you forgotten Benghazi, have you forgotten the Clinton Foundation cash scam?’

Savage adds, “Somehow that didn’t make it to the geniuses who are worried about a few lines of overlap from a speech that Moochelle Obama gave a number of years ago, which she lifted from someone else.”


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