Michael Moore Endorses And Pledges To Vote For Donald Trump?

This is the most unlikely spokesperson for Donald Trump that one could imagine, perhaps only slightly less likely than Rosie O’Donnell. There are questions as to whether this is some type of promotion for one of his crappy movies or a compilation of clips taken out of context and reconstructed to deliver a different, pro-Trump message. Anything is possible but the flow of the video doesn’t seem as if it has been chopped up. It seems genuine, even if his motivations are not.

His comments on the thirty-five percent tariff on Ford’s built in Mexico is correct, although they may be trying to work around that by offering to build Broncos in the US at that facility. He takes the position of the beaten down middle class “working stiff,” calling Trump the Human Molotov Cocktail that they’ve been waiting for.


He’s “The human hand grenade that they can legally throw into the system that stole their lives from them.” He reminds this gathering of regular “Joe Blows” that on November 8th, they still have the one thing that the government hasn’t yet taken away from them, (though they have significantly diluted it through illegal immigration and fraud), their vote.  And with that vote, the people of the United States are going to elect Donald J. Trump as their president.”

He says the Americans will strike back against the very system that has overturned and ruined their lives. He points out that “the elites who ruined their lives hate Trump. Corporate America hates Trump,” as do Wall Street, the career politicians and the media.”

Moore says, “The enemy of my enemy is who I’m voting for on November 8th.” There are times that it looks like an edited composition and times it doesn’t, but who really cares what the liberal slug in a Kaepernick cap truly feels inside anyway. He’s one of the enemy at heart and he’s unlikely to have converted. Whatever his motivation, the message in this video is on target.

For once, we’re in agreement and for once we can hope the libtard troll is right.


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