Mexico Training Mexicans To Become US Citizens To Steal Election, Further Invasion


As part of their effort to take over America by transferring their population north, Mexico, our hostile enemy to the south, is pushing to make as many of those who have already gotten a foothold in the United States as possible into American citizens. Of course the key is that they will be Americans in name and privilege only. Their allegiance and identity still lie with the motherland; they are tools in the master plan being put to use.

Neal Cavuto invited Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu onto his program for a discussion of the tactic that is being rolled out, a frenzied effort to accelerate the process, including through direct instructions and assistance from the Mexicans on how the process works.

Cavuto asks about specifically about the word that is circulating in the news outlets that there is a specific push for an anti-Trump Mexican vote. Of course Mexicans can’t legally vote, so the push is either to get them converted to US citizens or to foster illegal voting or both.

Babeu says, “This is unprecedented Neal, in the fact that they’re holding these actual “citizenship” meetings, and one was held just in Vegas recently. 500 plus “deferred action” are looking to go to this meeting to find out what is it going to take to go from that permanent status to actually gain citizenship, which means they get to vote.”

He continues, “That’s troubling, that’s concerning; it’s unprecedented in the fact that Mexico and its diplomats are going all out to make this effort now during our election.”

Cavuto notes the time frame doesn’t favor their efforts, noting that the whole process takes years, not weeks or months to accomplish. Babeu agrees, recognizing that the actions feed into the “whole Democrat playbook” and that just recently both Democrat candidates pledged never to deport the twelve million plus illegals who are here in the US, with Clinton saying she wants to give them citizenship.

Cavuto quotes Laura Espinosa, the Deputy Consul in the Mexican consulate in Las Vegas, who denied they were attempting to influence elections, saying, “Those who use this to vote, that’s up to each individual…We don’t have any opinion on that, because that would be totally interfering in the internal affairs of the country .”

So we are to believe that they have another reason for it other than influencing the vote that is not interfering with the internal affairs of the United States? Please tell us, Ms Espinosa, what is the non-interventionist purpose behind your efforts to convert your citizens into foreigners?

Cavuto expresses his concerns as to what else Mexico might be up to, noting the outlaw Obama regime has not resumed deportations in spite of court orders to do so. Babeu notes that the notices to appear are no longer being issued by Border Patrol agents, it’s still catch and release under the corrupt DHS “leadership.”

Babeu says the citizens need to stand up for our rights for a change instead of always putting illegals and foreigners first.

This coincides with an effort announced by Marxist George Soros to dump $15 million dollars into the same type of effort in advance of the November elections. There’s no happenstance in the timing of these to orchestrated components of the anti-American invasion. We’re being attacked from inside and out, the Democrats represent the enemy within.


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