Merkel Defends Her Open Borders Terrorism


German Chancellor Angela Merkel has secured her place in history as the woman who has done more to destroy Europe than any other single individual, even more than her infamous predecessor of approximately seventy – five years ago, Adolph Hitler. A key difference between Merkel and Hitler is she’s enlisted an outside force rather than German citizens. Foreign Islamists are her mercenary army. She’s also targeting all of Europe, including her own nation, something that even Hitler could never imagine doing against his beloved fatherland.

Merkel isn’t about to back off even though resistance is mounting. She’s doubling down in Hitler’s tyrannical footsteps, spreading propaganda and mandating that Germans and all Europeans surrender.

On Wednesday Merkel spoke at an election campaign event of her own Christian Democrats in the eastern state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. A regional vote is scheduled there for September 4th. In her speech Merkel displayed evidence that Hussein Obama is not the only freedom-hating leader who can pitch national ruin as a benefit while keeping a straight face. Merkel told her suicidal, friendly audience that “refugees” had not brought terrorism to Germany. She said Islam “belonged” in Germany, provided it was practiced in a way that respected the Constitution.

Islamists Are Model Citizens – Just Don’t Do Anything To Rile Em Up

Islamic practitioners of Sharia Law believe that their ideology is superior to any national constitution, making the nation subservient to the interests of the Islamists. Her statement is, on its face, a contradiction.

Merkel said, “The phenomenon of Islamist terrorism, of IS, is not a phenomenon that came to us with the refugees.” Since the perpetrators of four attacks inside Germany in a single week were all linked to the “refugee program,” her statement is demonstrably false.

The Chancellor also fails to include sexual assault, rape, assault, intimidation and muggings as terrorism. She might prefer her sex rough, non-consensual and with complete strangers but most civilized people do not.

She’ separating ISIS from the unvetted “refugees,” something that is impossible to do in the real world due to a lack of the necessary documentation and record keeping in Syria. While Merkel admitted, “This group has worried us for several years,” her supposed worries don’t preclude her from bringing them into her country. The real ones who should be worried are the everyday German citizens. Merkel’s got bodyguards with guns, they don’t.

She said, “We have said clearly that an Islam that works and lives on the basis of the constitution … belongs to Germany.” Merkel added that those who don’t follow the German constitution or accept equal rights for women have no place in their country.

So there it is, she believes in an “honor system national security,” trusting the “refugees” to tell the truth about their intentions and inform the German government upon entry as to whether or not they are evil terrorists. If they admit they want to randomly kill as many westerners as possible in the name of Allah, she won’t let them in or she’ll let them in and then involve them in a lengthy, expensive legal process to force their removal. Otherwise, every Islamist is a model citizen in her book.

The honest way to say it would be “everybody is welcome and has a place until they engage in a terrorist act.” They’ll in all likelihood be killed in its conduct so saying they have a home for life would be a more technically correct way of stating it.

Those who don’t confess their intent on entry will be allowed to build their terror cells, their mosques and their networks as they train and prepare for the destruction from within of Christian Germany.

As bad as Hitler was, the destruction inflicted by Merkel by the time all of this is said and done may likely be far worse for western civilization. The history books in the not too distant future will surely be asking the same questions that are asked today about Hitler. First and foremost will be, “Why didn’t anyone stop her?”

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