Melania or Bill Which Do You Want First Lady or First Pervert

Last night Melania Trump shook up the Democrat Party so badly they immediately went into attack mode following her speech last night at the GOP Convention. But why would anyone want to attack Mrs. Trump? The answer is simple. She scares the hell out of them.

For months the Democrats have portrayed Melania as an air headed bimbo, just more eye-candy for Donald Trump. But last night she showed herself to be just what she was, a confident, self-assured, business woman with a mind of her own.


Forget that Melania is a former super model with legs that go all the way to the floor. The fact is that the woman runs a successful business, something that Hillary or Bill Clinton has ever done, and in addition the lady speaks 5 languages. A real accomplishment when you consider that most Americans are lucky to speak one language, English.

And folks, those are real languages, unlike Hillary that speaks, fake Hillbilly, Ebonics, Southern American Twang, and Politician. All on demand while on the campaign trail. No, last night we learned that there was nothing phony about Melania Trump, she is just a successful woman that was proud of her husband and not afraid to tell the world how both she and he were proud of America. Something we haven’t heard for the last eight years out of the White House.

Melania also told us how her husband Donald wanted to put Americans back to work, secure our borders and not only make America great again, but also make it safe again. How he would put a stop to the mindless importation of illegals at a time when Americans were under threat daily. How he would also put a stop to the importation of poorly vetted Syrian Muslims into the country at a time when Democrats are planning to bring in more than a million in the next four years under Mrs. Clinton.

Frankly, I don’t know about you, but when it comes my vote, I would rather have Melania in the White Hose as the First Lady than Bill as First Pervert.

©2016 R. L. Grimes