Megyn Kelly Attacks Trump By Vilifying, Smearing Lewandowski


Megyn Kelly began her latest session of the Trump trials with a screaming rant from the second coming of Glenn Beck, Mark Levin. Levin was defending her violation of the Secret Service protective space and attacking both Trump and his campaign manager for not arbitrarily allowing her to be where nobody is allowed to be. Levin didn’t jump to defend the guy who jumped on the stage in Ohio or to vilify the Secret Service who took him down. Somehow, because this girl is a Ted Cruz supporter and the establishment is now using him as one of their vehicles for stealing the election, Levin’s view on what violates security has changed.

Kelly continues with her hit program, with the attack on Trump of the day being the same Lewandowski incident that she helped to promote initially. When the mess first broke, she helped give it legs by having both the phony “emotionally distraught” and mentally shaky Fields and her former editor-at-large at Breitbart, Ben Shapiro on to tell their side of the non-story. Shapiro is a Cruz fanatic who quit when Fields was let go, an act for which Breitbart is forever in his debt.

In her attempt to appear to be “fair and balanced,” Kelly milks the story, keeping it in front of the pubic on a daily basis and does so in a manner that has many of us yelling at the screen in response to her obvious bias against the pro-America candidate.

She notes a letter sent by a group of sixteen Cruz supporting, Rich Lowery National Review editorial smear members of the establishment media, including Dana Loesch, the Glenn “Cruz is the Messiah” Beck mouthpiece.  She failed to mention, surely by design, that the two women positioned on the top row are Cruz supporters as well as anti-Trump agitators, preferring to leave the impression that their problem is strictly with the way poor little privileged Michelle was treated in her role as a “professional” reporter by mean woman-hater and father of four, Corey Lewandowski.

Kelly sits quietly as the charges and distortions are leveled, the assertions that this is somehow about freedom of the press. It’s really about railroading Trump and preventing him from reaching his needed delegate count of 1,237 in order to throw the election out of the hands of the people and into those of the corrupt establishment subversives.

Kelly completely embraces and accepts the claims of anti-Trump activist Katie Pavlich at face value, including the claim that violating the candidates protected space within the Secret Service perimeter is an exercise of her free speech. Kelly asked Sarah Huckabee Sanders, one of the pro-Trump panelists to respond; little did she know how fast she needed to talk if she wanted to make her point.

Kelly jumped in almost immediately, as soon as Sanders made part of her first point, saying, “Okay, let me just stop you there.” Talk about not being able to exercise free speech! Kelly didn’t approve of what Sanders was saying and took it upon herself to change the focus. Kelly validates as truthful what may well be false claims, that Lewandowski bruised her. Who’s to say that her boyfriend didn’t bruise her or that she didn’t bruise herself in order to reinforce a bogus and escalating claim? Kelly, an accomplished attorney we are told, accepts this “evidence” at face value because it supports her anti-Trump vendetta. She refuses to allow the argument to be made that what Fields says happened is quite different from what the video shows. Instead she attempts to focus on an irrelevant point of “intimidation after the fact,” which is based upon the acceptance of the false presumption of guilt.

Kelly reluctantly lets Sanders make her point; cutting her off again before she’s able to complete her response and handing the floor over to avid Trump-hater and Glenn Beck employee Dana Loesch. Even at this late juncture, Loesch repeats the claim that Fields made, that her arm was yanked to the ground. The tape shows it just did not happen.

Kelly bails her out and she retreats immediately from her first supposed point, about an admission by Lewandowski as to whether he saw her or not. Her second “point” is laughable for someone that is supposed to be such a sharp cookie arguing that he did it because the police “found probable cause to arrest him.” They took a report and followed the instructions of their Democrat, Hillary Clinton supporting management team. It was a political decision, a concept that Loesch has difficulty grasping. She says she blindly trusts the police to make a decision and only arrest guilty people, an amazingly ignorant and ludicrous comment on her part. If police only arrested guilty people we’d have no need for a court system.

She then agrees that he’s entitled to his day in court but doesn’t need a judge to tell her that what she saw in the video is “BS.” Good one, tough girl, you’d fire a guy based upon the weakest of evidence, based upon the claims of a bimbo who’s done this before. That’s why you work for a sleaze ball like Glenn Beck and support a bigger one in Ted Cruz.

Kelly then frames it as a problem that the Trump campaign needs to apologize for; completely failing to recognize their precious snowflake reporter violated the Secret Service protection.

The longer she has a program the more Kelly exposes herself for the liberal shill that she is. That’s really why she hates Donald Trump, and her job as a political hack in the prime time spot that CFR member Rupert Murdoch gave her.

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