Propaganda Or Journalism Is The Media Working For Us or Working To Program Us?


Propaganda Or Journalism Is The Media Working For Us or Working To Program Us?

The political establishment and their media propagandists are nakedly pursuing every method of sabotage they can get their hands on to destroy, to take down the last obstacle to their conquest of America from within, Donald Trump. This is the time we have been warned about for as long as we can remember, when our nation would be defeated by forces that exist within our own government. It’s happening and these traitors on display are part of the extensive sales team. “Just trust them,” they say, they’ll tell us what to think. We can all just go back to sleep secure in the knowledge that our watchdog media is on the job. They’ll wake us if there’s anything we need to know about. Now we’re waking to find our watchdog has chewed the carpet and peed on the couch.

Many Americans are falling for the trap. These devils are the ones who provide us with supposed surveys that show the corrupt criminal Hillary Clinton tied with the man of the people, Donald Trump. If they are not honest enough to report on the crimes of this government and to prosecute those who commit the crimes, why would we think they’ll be honest in providing poll results?


We see the truth in the crowd sizes and enthusiastic support for Donald Trump. It’s an unwavering support because it is not about him, he simply represents us. In a time when true representative government in this nation and around the globe is becoming a charade rather than a reality, we can’t afford to let this last opportunity be stolen.

Just as is the case with Hussein Obama and Hillary Clinton, we cannot believe a word that comes out of the mouths of the talking heads on television. They are deceivers by trade, paid liars of the same type as the politicians they pretend to report about. It’s all lies, there are no news reports, only scripts being read to direct us towards a predetermined outcome.

How stupid would we be to believe that the massive crowds for Donald Trump that have consistently followed him everywhere he went, all around the country, are somehow an aberration, not representative of his appeal and support? Contrasted with Hillary Clinton’s anemic audiences of paid and bussed in bug-eaters, union members and “my special interest above all else” voters in the low hundreds and you have a view into the truth that cannot be hidden but which is being ignored.

In all of the metrics that can be manipulated they are reporting her as equal to set the stage for the steal. In reality she’s nowhere close which is further evidence of their intention to seize power. The plan is already underway, it will happen. The establishment is protecting their figurehead from prosecution so that she can enrich herself on the way out and handoff power to their former DNC chair, a deeply embedded operative. There is no legitimacy to any of these “news” organizations. It’s just more of the theater which is going to deliver a Clinton victory no matter what we do as long as we continue to abide by their rules and play within their system.

This clip is emblematic of the entire leftist control exercised through a reality simulation. Globalist CFR member and old propagandist now put out to pasture, Bob Schieffer, does his best Bill Clinton “how dare you” imitation as he feigns outrage at the uppity, unruly peasants.

The arrogant piece of elitist trash sits there and indignantly condemns the state of affairs that Clinton and the globalists have brought us to, pinning the responsibility on Donald Trump for daring to stand up and speak the truth.

Schieffer says, “How have we come to this? This is supposed to be a campaign for the most powerful office in the land. Here we’re marching in women, into the hall, who are supposed to be, have some relationship with one of the candidate’s spouses, and what is that supposed to prove?”

As someone who is either equally stricken with the same dementia as Hillary Clinton or the same selective memory, outrage and corruption, Schieffer forgets that rape is not a relationship and that Hillary Clinton exercised gangland tactics to silence the women. She, not just her rapist husband, was and remains an abuser of these women. To make matters more offensive, Schieffer and the corrupt network he represents then proceed to join in the familiar Democrat pastime of attacking and discrediting those that threaten their power.

He continues his little anti-American rant, saying, “If I’m elected I’m going to put you in jail? I mean this is what they do in banana republics.” Wake up Bobby boy, that is exactly what the criminal regime that is in power and supports Hillary Clinton has turned our nation into. It’s nice you were finally able to notice. He indignantly says, “This is the United States of America,” as if we’re supposed to ignore the corruption of his candidate due to its magnitude or the size and stature of the victim, our country and ourselves.

Schieffer said, “America can do better than what we’ve seen here tonight,” ignoring the fact that it is exactly that effort to do better, to return our government to the people, out of control of the criminal, lawless elites in the form of wresting control back for the people, that he is hypocritically condemning.

Blame yourself you self-righteous old fossil, and the commie bimbos and metrosexuals you share the stage with. We’re coming for our government and our country. It’s ours and we’re taking it back. It really doesn’t matter what you have to say about it.

These people, this little coven of “experts” and not-so-great thinkers who attempt to herd the American people towards their global slaughterhouse have to be dismissed and recognized as the subversives that they are. Americans can’t afford to listen to them. We must listen to our fellow patriots and to our own hearts. We know what is right and true.

The big steal is set, the establishment Ryan-Romney Republicans and their Democrat comrades have already combined their forces with the media to manipulate results and the messaging. We must be aware of it and prepared. We can’t allow ourselves to take the bait, or to believe the lies that they are telling.

The odds are that no matter the results or how ludicrous the claims, on November 8th the cabal will report Hillary Clinton as the victor in the election. Everything points to that. We need to be prepared, every American needs to be proactive, contact the Trump campaign and offer their services to fight the inevitable. The opposition has been cultivating the Soros BLM thugs’s reputation for violence and employed the Black Panthers for a reason, intimidation. We can’t let them succeed. It’s our country, we’re taking it back.

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