Media Outlet Caught Switching Photos Of Hillary Rally

Sundance over at Conservative Treehouse calls it “Photoshopped.”  This writer has used Photoshop for over 25 years and will outright say that The Hill posted a picture of a Hillary rally which was not of the same event held today.  (Okay, maybe The Hill ran out of characters on their Twitter post and didn’t have enough room to explain that.)  Honestly, do these two venues look alike?




As it happens, the first photo is from Hillary Clinton’s victory rally in New York following the Democratic primary.  Note the flags dropped vertically a la every Nazi or communist rally and speech ever pictured or televised.  Note the tiny space where Hillary is standing and the crowds with easily identifiable faces of New Yorkers in it.  Bill and Chelsea are off to the side.  The lighting is dark.

Then look at the photograph below it posted by another Twitter user in the St. Petersburg Coliseum on August 8.  Hardly what one would call a sell out crowd.  (Wait, let me rephrase that.)  It’s downright sparse with a large stage and a lot of light.  Whoever is running social media at The Hill had to know the way the picture in the original tweet was presented, it sounded like they were trying to pass off a months old photograph as what was happening in St. Petersburg.

Well, to put it mildly, The Hill got caught.  No matter how the mainstream media plays it, word is getting out that Hillary Clinton’s rallies are not all that well attended.  Compared to her Republican opponent, the numbers are downright anemic.  Hillary just isn’t seeing the screaming, adoring crowds that Donald Trump is drawing.  In fact, it’s been noticed that her events are drawing so few people, several of them have been canceled.

Headed into the home stretch, most astute observers knew that the mainstream media would be in the tank for Hillary Clinton, but few of us thought they would be sloppy about their optics.  Oh, well.  It’s now up to the people to keep the media honest about it.  If that’s possible.

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