Media Pushing FALSE NARRATIVE In Minnesota Shooting; The TRUTH IS UGLY, Video Misleading

Time to start calling the Philando Castile shooting in Minnesota Michael Brown II.  That’s essentially what is happening.  The real truth of what led up to a Falcon Heights police officer shooting a man as his girlfriend livestreamed the aftermath and narrated with one lie after another bears very little resemblance to the story pushed by the “victim’s” family, the governor of Minnesota, and the mainstream media.

The first that was reported of this story earlier in the week was that a black man was shot by a police officer during a traffic stop – a tale told by the man’s girlfriend on a livestream video.  Also, this is part of the narrative, supposedly the woman’s daughter was in the back seat of the car when it happened.  Without any further information, naturally, outrage ensued.

This is one of the two incidents that has…inspired…a whole lot of backlash against white police officers nationwide.  Since this story broke, multiple police officers have been shot, several killed, in many different locations across the country.

Well, as it happens, the Minnesota narrative started to unravel on Thursday with the news that there had been an armed robbery in the general vicinity a few days prior.  Right after the Fourth of July, local police requested the public’s help in finding the two men who committed the crime.  (This writer explained much of this in this space yesterday.)  A Be On the Look Out (BOLO) was issued for the two men with this description as given by an eyewitness and confirmed with surveillance video:

[…]  The other suspect was described as a black man with shoulder-length dreadlocks, who wore tan pants, tan shoes with white soles, a green jacket, a green baseball cap and glasses, the release says. He also had some of his hair pulled into a bun through the strap on the back of his hat and had a small mustache and facial hair on his chin. (link)

In the livestream video that went viral, Diamond “AKA Lavish” Reynolds said that they were stopped for a broken tail light (in broad daylight).  According to the official police reports – including a recording of the call to the dispatcher – Saint Anthony, MN, Police Officers Jeronimo Yanez and Joseph Kauser pulled the over the car that CASTILE WAS DRIVING and where Reynolds was a passenger because Castile matched the description of one of the suspects in the armed robbery.

“I’m going to stop a car,” the officer says on the recording. “I’m going to check IDs.  I have reason to pull it over.”

“The two occupants just look like people that were involved in a robbery,” the officer says. “The driver looks more like one of our suspects, just ‘cause of the wide set nose,” the officer continues.

So, the original premise in Minnesota of the car being stopped for a “busted tail light” is false.  The stop had nothing to do with a tail light.

Then there is the matter of the video image itself.  As was established yesterday, what went viral was a mirror image as the video was reversed.  Without the blurring on the edges of the picture, it is plain to see that Castile – not Reynolds – was driving the car.

To make matters even more egregious, the line that Castile was reaching for his ID appears to be false.  In enlargements of stills from the video (these can be viewed at Conservative Treehouse), the object in Castile’s lap looks an awful lot like a handgun.  Remember, in the video, the police officer continually tells Reynolds not to reach for it.

Then there is the matter of the Concealed Carry Permit which is currently part of the narrative.  (That Reynolds claimed he was licensed, not mentioning “concealed” doesn’t seem to matter.) According to the sheriff in the county where Castile resided, he didn’t have one.


Points have been made that it is possible Castile had a permit from another county.  If so, that information has not surfaced yet.

Then there is the matter of Reynolds’ daughter being in the back seat at the time of the shooting.  One, she does not appear to be there in the video, and in fact is seen late in the footage in the other officer’s arms.  Two, if the child was really in the back seat, she would have been screaming from the noise, if nothing else, from where ever she was at the time.  The child’s voice is not heard.

As for the matter of Castile’s criminal record, or lack thereof, the man had been pulled over by police multiple times in the course of his driving career.  From the Daily Mail:

Now it can be disclosed that Castile, 32, has been pulled over by at least 31 times in the last 14 years since he got his driver’s license and charged with a string of misdemeanor violations.

The offenses include speeding, failure to wear a seat belt, driving after a revocation, no proof of insurance, improper display of original plate and parking violations.

In total police in Minnesota brought 31 cases against Castile, racking up 63 charges for mostly minor traffic offenses – 43 of which he was found guilty or convicted of and has paid out hundreds of dollars in fines.

This is the stuff everybody gets stopped doing.  (This writer was once stopped for not having the year stickers on her plates.  They were stolen off of the car while it was parked behind the Cathedral during the Easter Vigil Mass.)  Much has been made of the reality that Castile had no rap sheet.  That doesn’t mean the man wasn’t a criminal or was unknown to police.

All the facts in the Philando Castile shooting in Falcon Heights, Minnesota are not in yet, but it is increasingly looking like the girlfriend lied, the police were doing their jobs, and the mainstream media is NOT doing theirs.  The people of the country are being fed a false narrative.  The record needs to be corrected even as the Black Lives Matter machine cranks up and comes back to life.

To make matters more infuriating, through three different Go Fund Me causes, the girlfriend, the family and Philando’s big sister have raised over $230,000 as of this writing.  ( Lavish “Diamond” Reynolds’ fund with a goal of $50,000, The “Family” fund exceeded their goal of $100,000 and Big Sister “Allysza” fund, with a goal of $80,000.)

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