Marines Open Letter To Beyoncé… Message For Her Friends In The White House!!!

Marines Letter to Beyonće                     image

Hello Beyoncé, I am a former Marine from Houston who now writes for the DC Gazette. I penned a letter to the First Lady with some of the same questions I have for you. Ignorance is defined as—“not knowing”—and plays a major role in the mistreatment of others today. The question I ask, is what’s your excuse? Every man has a certain organ, that plays no part in our decision-making. Many are obsessed by it and we can’t live without it. That organ is what many cowards hide behind, while preaching hate to anyone who will listen. It’s the largest organ of the human body, which we know as skin. God created your skin, just as he did your beautiful, talented voice. Children of every color love and admire you, as they sing the words to your songs.

One of those little girls lost her father on August 28th 2015—to murder—inspired by ignorance and hate. Her father was a Harris County Deputy Sheriff, named Deputy Goforth. His life mattered, and so do his wife and children. Your friends in the White House, have not mentioned Officer Engine Lieu and Officer Raphael Ramos, of the New York police department. They were murdered by a man while following those you support. Your halftime act in support of ignorance and hate, was followed by the death of more cops. Do you ever wonder what some of those children think of you now? I Pray for all children just as I do for your Mother’s. I pray another mother never has to witness the pain seen in the eyes of their children, who just lost their daddy.  I pray the Lord will continue to bless you, and maybe one day you will know you have no idea what it is to struggle. God bless America and all you take for granted, Shep #Marine4Truthimage