Marine’s Letter To Trump… GOP Better Wake Up? Obama & Hillary Did!!!

Marine’s Letter To Trump… Every Politician Should Read?

Televised debates began in 1960 when John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon were brought into the living rooms of America. In June of 2012 it was predicted that Romney was going to win by a landslide. Then Obama did something in politics that had never been done before. The President quit slinging mud and started playing nice. The political experts could not figure out why the president would change his strategy at the end of his campaign.  The Obama camp has never told anyone about this advice that I gave in the summer of 2012. Up until a few weeks ago I was planning on casting my vote for Cruz and Rubio but those plans changed. Slinging mud only shows their lack of confidence and willingness to take charge. This is the letter I intend on sending Donald Trump explaining why so many are fed up with politicians.

Mr Trump my name is Mike Shepard a former Marine who now writes for the DC Gazette. In June of 2012 America watched Paul Ryan and Romney doing the same things that Cruz and Rubio are doing today. That, along with other reasons I began sending emails to the president. There is a saying if you don’t have anything nice to say about someone then don’t. We are not perfect and the more they point at your imperfections the more we see another politician. Anytime they say something bad about you ignore it, they will have plenty of time to kiss up in November.  The people sit at home watching this embarrassing behavior which causes the undecided to become more confused. They can never change one’s opinion of you, but can cause others not to vote for them. Sir Romney lost in 2012 because he played the political game that politicians have played for decades. He and Ryan were confident in June but by September they were acting like Rubio and Cruz.  They can’t get you dirty if you stay out of their dirt. They look like spoiled kids so let them play while leaders go to work. It’s no secret that Hillary isn’t a nice person so why she isn’t slinging dirt with Bernie. The fear of Hillary only confirms their insecurities and our confidence in them for the job.

Marine's Letter to Trump

If you truly wish to lead this country, then face the front and do so. Standing in the ring with a bunch of punks who know nothing about fighting is not what we pay to see. They stand on a stage threatening others to a fight when they sit court side outside the cage. Big difference in someone looking for a fight as to someone willing to fight. Talking about working with the other side after bashing them for a year is not good advice. Candidates drop out of the race and leave supporters on the fence. Playing in this political dirt will not win them over. Instead of throwing stones we need to pick each other up and build that Great Wall of freedom. Politicians no longer relate because they see everyone as a potential vote and something in it for them.  A vote is like trust which you never stop earning, but can lose in a second. I only hope the trust you build is still here after your term. They are coming at you from the rear just like the in the polls. Just stay focused on the job ahead and we will watch your back as we say goodbye in November. God bless you sir and may He forever bless this country,  Shep #Marine4Truth                               Marine's Letter to Trump