Marines Letter To Media & Politicians!!! Standing Up To Bullies & No Vote For You

We teach children not to bully others but watch the GOP and media attack Donald Trump. They say Trump doesn’t have conservative values as I challenge them to produce a politician that does. How can we ask children to share their opinion when they watch what happens if you disagree with the other side. We each have a right to decide on who leads this country and what’s best for all future generations. It’s not for the media to tell us who we should elect, but provide us with every  option. Bashing one another only creates more division when we need to come together as a country. Politicians need to sale their own ideas and support the decision we make when making ours. This is the United States of America and it’s time they stop trying to divide us into two parties. I believe there is more good than bad in Washington and I feel the same about the media. The candidates talk about listening to the people so let’s see if they read.                           image

Ladies and gentlemen of the political establishment and media my name is Mike Shepard. Like most Marines I have zero tolerance for a bully, especially overgrown bullies like you. The American people are conducting a job interview for the most important position in the world. That position doesn’t have a word or title in front of its name. It’s not the democratic or republican President of the United States for a reason. Both parties lie every four years while the people wake up to the same problems. After the lies and broken promises of 2014 we are told Trump isn’t who he seems. I would love to stand before each of you while looking for one that is. There are 350 million people in this country with a voice to be heard not silenced.

The people have a right to learn about each candidate so they can decide what’s best for their kids. If you don’t like Trump then earn our vote with your ideas and stop distracting us from his. Every time you point out his mistakes, I say at least he has the balls to make them. Isn’t it funny how the truth reveals itself and scares those who are responsible. You each have demonstrated what is best for this country, which Is everything opposite of what’s best for career politicians. Children are taught respect through actions of those around them. We tell them not to lie, and never be a bully at school. It’s time we teach them what happens to bullies when they don’t play by society’s rules. God bless each and everyone as I pray He forever blesses America, Shep #Marine4Truth                                     image