Marine4Truth & Reason Trump Is Winning? Lesson For Those We Elect!!!

imageAmericans have grown tired of the lies which always lead to broken promises. Politicians are gifted in the art of deception which has brought on the loss of hearing. People are growing to love all they hate and time to show them how we feel.

Washington your political experts should know that the people no longer trust you. While most of you vote in favor of your party Donald trump talks about our country as a whole. You each have a team of advisors who are paid to tell you what the people want. When was the last time a politician shared how they truly felt instead of what an advisor told them to say. I have yet to endorse any candidate, but right now the only leader I see is the man most of you hate.

We need a leader to run this country, not blame others for promises they break. When you say Donald doesn’t have foreign policy experience, we say thank God. We don’t need the experience that hasn’t worked for decades. We are sick of  politicians kissing the  rear of those who burn our flag with one hand while holding the other out for what we worked for. This country owes the world nothing especially an apology from those we hired to represent us. We are not a number to be looked down upon every four years only to be ignored while casting your votes. The mud you continue to sling at this man becomes just another nail in your political coffin. They say the truth hurts well try telling it for a change because it’s not hurting Donald Trump. God bless America and all each of you love, Shep #Marine4Truth