(Marine4Truth) The Lies Of Benghazi??? More Than One Wrote This Story!!!

The eyes are the window to a soul and you can tell a great deal about a person by looking through that window. Not long ago scandals in Washington brought concern portrayed from many a politicians eyes. In the early 70’s we watched as Nixon tried to convince everyone that he was not a crook. It wasn’t long ago that we watched Bill Clinton swear to the American people he never had sexual relations with Monica. Whether you trust him or not we all witnessed the concern coming from his eyes. The hands of justice have yet to reach Hillary after Benghazi and I doubt she has lost any sleep over it. She like so many in Washington act as if they are untouchable and above our laws. A threat without the intent of action becomes nothing more than a threat. It appears most forget what their job is the day after election. If they need a reminder they can read “Marines Message to Washington… Everyone Should Read?” 

The lies told are orchestrated by a team of advisors long before politicians go on camera. They write their script behind closed doors while we mourn the death of four Americans. Hillary shows no fear as if she is untouchable. Our laws are only as good as the men and women who are willing to enforce them. This country has begun to grow weak because of cowards in Washington who fail to hold people accountable. Many lawmakers have begun to think they are exempt from our laws. The threat of prosecution has lost all merit and until these people go to jail it will only get worse. The eyes of children are upon us and they watch everything we do. If we don’t hold one another accountable how can we expect our kids to grow up and respect our laws. It is time that we show the world that everyone in this country must adhere to our laws. These people belong in prison because this country deserves justice… God bless America, and all that each of you love, Shep #Marine4Truth image