Marine In Custody In Connection With North Texas Murder

North Texas Marine

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New Year’s Eve proved deadly for one young woman, a student the University of North Texas in Denton.  Sara Mutschlechner, 20, was serving as the designated driver for a group of friends who attended a party, and on the way home, at approximately 2 a.m. on New Year’s Day, was shot in the head in a heated exchange with the occupants of another vehicle.

The other vehicle, a silver Honda Pilot, was owned by Marine Eric Jamal Johnson, 20, currently stationed in Yuma, Arizona, and hailing from Fort Worth.  A confrontation erupted between the people in the two automobiles when the young men riding with Johnson made nasty comments about the girls in Mutschlechner’s.  All of the young people had been at the same party, and it is not clear that they had had any contact while there.

The exchange began well enough, witnesses claim, but after words unbecoming a Marine began to fly between the two vehicles, one witness who was not in either automobile claims that the cars flew through a stoplight with Mutschlechner losing control of her vehicle and crashing into an electrical pole.  Mutschlechner had been shot in the head.  Police have information that Johnson was seen with a handgun earlier, which led to the warrant for his arrest and subsequent apprehension at the Marine base in Yuma, Arizona.

Friends and family of the Marine are shocked that this incident is now on Johnson’s record.

Arian Helm, who has known Johnson since elementary school.

“He couldn’t have done this… that was my first reaction,” he said. “I’m just shocked. I’m speechless, you know?”

Johnson, so far, has not been identified as the shooter, but is being held in Denton, Texas by the police.  He was traced through his street name of “Santana Sage”.  Johnson has been a Marine for over two years, beginning in August 2013.

This is known as conduct unbecoming, which is the least of the charges this young man faces.  Not sure which will be worse for this young man, Texas, or a Marine Court Martial.


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